Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saturday Superstore: Pye Music Centre

Pye Advert - TV Times, September 1978
A combined stereo music system enabling you to tape record vinyl albums and radio broadcasts in the late 70s was a big deal if you could afford one.

Gone were those lone tape recorders with built in microphones... well not quite in our home - we'd just acquired one of those and wouldn't actually get a music centre until 1982...

Thankfully many music enthusiasts did get some of these systems and recorded some great shows from comedy to music for posterity keeping their treasured C60 and C90 cassettes long after the BBC and broadcasting equivalents junked many of their recordings.

No doubt the music centre gave birth to the mix -tape and increased the sales of audio cassettes generally, a new era in home recording was born and so was the war on audio piracy as the record companies started to feel a knock on effect to their sales due to these wonderful systems!

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