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Those Radio Times! (BBC TV and Radio Selections for 21 March 1972)

Budget 72 Illustration from Radio Times by Nigel Holmes
Tuesday March 21 1972 was one of those days that struck fear (and probably still does) to many television viewers and radio listeners up and down the United Kingdom but no doubt had everyone paying attentively to their Television and Radio sets. That's right - it was Budget Day!

Budget Special 1972 coverage Introduced by Brian Widlake began in glorious Colour at 3.20pm. So kids, forget any television programmes today, even if they have been moved over to BBC2, because Peter Woods will be serving half hour budget news summaries on BBC 1 from 4pm.

The Chancellor, Anthony Barber, proposed a tax reduction of £1.2m in this 'Dash For Growth' budget and the setting up of an Industrial Development Executive to inject millions of pounds into new industrial developments.

Chancellor Of The Exchequer's Anthony Barbers ‘Dash for growth’ budget aims were:
  • Encourage industrial efficiency
  • Improve economic growth and reduce unemployment (then standing at 900,000) 
  • Continue taxation reform
  • Boost demand to prevent slowdown in investment and consumption
  • Output to grow by 5% between late 1971 and early 1973
  • Pensions to increase by 12.5% in autumn
  • Total cost was £400m in a full year. To pay for these National Insurance contributions were increased.
Mr Barber told Parliament his budget would add 10% to the UK's growth in two years, and he dismissed concerns about his forecast £3.4bn public sector borrowing requirement.

Events would prove him wrong. With soaring inflation, he was forced to bring in a deflationary budget within months and a pay freeze that eventually led to a confrontation with the miners. 

Budget News updates interrupted Terry Wogan's afternoon show on Radio 1 and there was also dedicated programming on Radio 2 and Radio 4.

If you still hadn't quite had enough of Budget news , Radio 4 featured  a special It's Your Line presented by Robin Day at 7.30pm while The World Tonight would feature Barber's address again at 10.0.

Barber's address was also repeated on BBC1 and 2 in colour at 9.20pm and 11.0pm respectively.

Other TV and Radio Highliights from BBC TV and Radio on March 21, 1972

If you could pull out of Budget mode for a moment or two today TV highlights included part 2 of Spy Trap starring Julian Glover (BBC1, 7.5pm), The Hollywood Premiere of Deadlock starring Leslie Nielsen (BBC1, 7.30pm)  and the evening play Horace  featuring Barry Jackson and Talfryn Thomas (BBC2, 9.20pm)

On Radio, Anne Nightingale spun new releases What's New (Radio1, 5pm), John Peel presented Sounds of The 70s (Radio 1, 10pm), Alan Dell presented Big Band Sound (Radio2, 9pm) and Keith Fordyce presented Late Night Extra (Radio 2, 10.2pm).

If you needed some Classical music , Radio 3 had  Mozart Concertos in two parts to help you unwind from 7.30pm while back on Radio 4 Isobel Barnett, Eleanor Summerfield, David Nixon and Richard Murdoch were hazarding guesses on Steve Race's tune twisters as Roy Plomley presented another edition of Many A Slip (6.15pm).

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  1. Many a Slip was a clever parlour game and yet another from the inventive mind of Ian Messiter, creator of Just a Minute. I've just the copy of one edition in my archive.
    I'll be posting some Alan Dell audio in the next week.



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