Saturday, 30 April 2011

More Pictures From Tenby

Here's a few more snaps from our Easter Sunday Trip to Tenby:

Tom having a piggy back to Tenby Railway Station
Tom spent much of the day walking but had a well earned piggy back towards the end of the day as tiredness set in!

St. John's Church, Tenby
The Church on the Post Office Road is a great directional point to lead you directly to the town, the beach or the Railway station!
Royal Playhouse Cinema, Tenby
We passed the Royal Playhouse Cinema which now sadly looks like its a condemned building.

Kate and William's Royal Wedding - An Inspiration!

Princess Katherine and Prince William
I can't really describe myself as a total royalist, though I do think it's important that in Britain we have a Royal  family, and I have to say that watching Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding yesterday was a marvellous event for those of us at home watching the excellent coverage on the BBC, as it probably was for those who were there in London.
Jon and Tom's Royal Wedding Collage
It even kept the children's attention for a while (Tom and Jon had previously been inspired to put together a celebratory collage made up of a drawing by Jon and flags from Clare Bond's delightful Royal wedding Cupcakes on Thursday. It's nice to see that such an occasion can still inspire and bring harmony to people.
Clare's delightful Royal wedding Cupcakes
For me, I'll reiterate what i said on Facebook: "Thinks Kate looks beautiful and certainly has a lovely smile. William looks very proud of his wife too. Well done to them both."

And although they are never likely to read this, I hope they go on to be a true inspiration to future generations in all they do.

Saturday Superstore: Nestle's Milky Bar

Milky Bar Advert - TV Action, 1973
"The Milky Bars Are On Me!"

There was always something momentous about The Milky Bar Kid. Like The Jolly Green Giant and Captain Birdseye they made commercial breaks a joy to watch back in the 1970s.

I always (and still do) enjoy white chocolate, though you don't see much of the aforementioned Milky Bar Kid now (he's probably a bank manager somewhere).

This advert from a 1973 edition of TV Action encouraged you to save up wrappers for four Milky Bar play sets  and at an additional cost you could get Cowboys, Indian's and a Saloon.  If anyone got these and still has them - let me know and I could possibly feature a photo in a future post!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Badge Friday: I'm A Jelly Tot

Jelly Tot Badge - Circa 1974

Here's the follow up to my first Badge Friday of several weeks ago Rowntree's  I'm A Teddy Tot!

I probably got this I'm a Jelly Tot badge within a week or so of the other, unfortunately I never got any other badges in the series featuring Tiger Tots or Dolly Mixtures.  If you did - please contact me as I'd be happy to include these (or for that matter any other retro badge in a future Badge Friday feature!).

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Favourite Tenby Places

Cofion  - Tenby
I've long enjoyed my visits to Tenby since the days Rachel and I first started to visit their as a couple. I frequently find it as the ultimate chill out zone for me and it's always great fun to return there when we can, be it for a week or only a day!

Rachel usually grants me an hour to visit my favourite shop there Cofion which handles Edwardian postcards and second hand books.

The shop is not unlike Doctor Who's TARDIS and I'm never sure how the proprietor, Albie Smorsarski manages to squeeze all his items into there, but he does and I usually come away with something, either a book , vintage theatre programme, or on this occasion post-cards and old photographs. This wonderful shop even has a website so if you are looking for something of interest - pay Cofion a visit!

Fecci's Ice Cream Parlour - Tenby
Another favourite haunt since my early visiting days to Tenby is Fecci's which do the tastiest Ice Cream combinations I've ever had the delight to sample.

Fecci's Knickerbocker Glory
A traditional Ice Cream company in every sense Fecci's  Knickerbocker Glory's are indeed heavenly and it's always a treat for the family to visit their Ice Cream Parlour!

Tenby is a truly inspiring place and you can check out Rachel's scrapbook layout for the day at Purplecrafter.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tenby Panoramic Scenes

Tenby Harbour
On Easter Sunday, Rachel, the children and myself managed to spend the day in wonderful Tenby.

The weather was glorious and we managed to spend several pleasant hours on the beach as well as take in some of the local surroundings as well as the traditional visit to Fecci's Ice Cream parlour where I consumed a Strawberry Knickerbocker Glory!

Beach Scene, Tenby
During the process of the day on the beach and on the way to my favourite book shop I once again attempted to play with the panoramic settings on my mobile phone camera.

Towards The Sea With Caldey Island In Distance
Here are the three scenes I created (despite the fact that I could see very little due to the sunlight!) unfortunately the sun light seems to distort the images in places but still adds depth to the scene.

Wordless Wednesday: Early 1900s (15)

"With Best Wishes and a
Merry Christmas To You All"

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday Superstore : Pye Stereogram

Pye Stereogram - Barry and District News 1960

Here's the height of musical entertainment from 1960 - A Pye Stereogram.

This wonderful piece of technology not only plays stereo records but Normal records too says the copy - normal being mono - still those were the records that built the music scene of the 60s!

Swinging Man!

John Sullivan OBE 1946-2011

John Sullivan -
British Comedy Guide
The creator of Comedy classics Citizen Smith, Just Good Friends and Only Fools and Horses, John Sullivan has died aged 64. He had been in intensive care for six weeks suffering from Viral Pneumonia.

Sullivan had been writing television comedy since the 1970s , his first initial success been Citizen Smith starring Robert Lindsay.

The Classic Scenario Lindsay's Wolfie Smith attempting to start a revolution in Tooting still makes classic viewing today, and one episode title from the series Only Fools and Horses inspired Sullivan's future series of the same name starring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

Just Good Friends was also a popular series from the 1980s featuring Paul Nicholas and Jan Francis and kept viewers guessing for many episodes if ex lovers Vince and Penny really could be just good friends after Vince stood Penny up prior to their wedding. Recent successes for Sullivan were the Only Fools spin-offs Green Green Grass and the prequel Rock N Chips.

However; it is likely that Sullivan will certainly be remembered for his creations of the Trotter family in Only Fools and Horses, the earlier series of which have rightfully been claimed as comedy classics.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Badge Friday: The Bangles

The Bangles - 1987
Here's another favourite band of mine from the 80s - The American all-girl group The Bangles consisting of Susannah Hoffs, Michael Steele and Debbie and Vicki Peterson.

I probably became aware of the group with their Prince penned hit Manic Monday and picked up their albums Different Light and All Over The Place shortly afterwards.

The cool thing about The Bangles (apart from Susannah Hoffs) was their Beatles / Byrds influenced style and their capability to play their own instruments. The band split in the late 80s following their UK Number One Eternal Flame but have reformed and recorded new tracks in recent times.

I picked up this badge around 1986/87 I think - fab!

Dick Barton and The Paris Adventure Available On Audiobook

Dick Barton and The 
Paris Adventure - AudioGo
My audiobook listening has continued this week, this time stepping back some sixty years or so to an Australian Radio remake of the second BBC Dick Barton serial: Dick Barton and The Paris Adventure starring Douglas Kelly as Dick Barton.

I've tried to locate some information about Douglas Kelly who indeed does a good performance of Barton in this production and if anyone has any information on him or indeed the original cast of this recording I'd love to hear from you!

You can read my Audiobook Review: Dick Barton and The Paris Adventure online at Suite101 now.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Goodbye Sarah-Jane : Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
Elisabeth Sladen was my first real favourite Doctor Who companion as journalist Sarah-Jane Smith.

For almost four years she was the perfect heroine opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, fighting off Sontaran's, Daleks, Cybermen, Dinosaurs and Egyptian Mummies. In fact you name it, Sarah-Jane had to deal with it.

When Sarah-Jane left the series in 1976, fans never stopped loving her, so much so, she returned with K9 Mk III in a pilot for a prospective spin off series in 1981 entitled K9 and Company.

Elisabeth Sladen and Tom Baker
When the Doctor Who series was resurrected by Russell T Davies  Elisabeth Sladen made the first of two returns opposite David Tennant, further to this, she was also given her own spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Elisabeth Sladen has transcended generations of Doctor Who fandom, she is just as recognised by my children today as she was by me as a child in the 1970s.

A true heroine. I'm sad to say I never had the pleasure of meeting her or saying "Hello" - but she was and will always be my favourite Doctor Who companion - the Doctor Who universe will be a sadder place without her - but her journeys will go on forever.

Wordless Wednesday: Early 1900s (14)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Trevor Bannister 1934-2011

Trevor Bannister - Spotlight
It's sad to hear of the death of actor Trevor Bannister who passed away on Thursday.

For many he will be remembered as Mr Lucas in the classic era of the comedy sit-com Are You Being Served? He was the perfect foil to Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton) and ringleader of trouble in the gentleman's outfitters department.

Trevor also had some other great roles including Heavy Breathing in Jack Rosenthal's The Dustinbinmen, Colonel Masters in The Tomorrow People and roles in Steptoe and Son and The Saint.

Those Radio Times! (BBC TV and Radio Selections for 17 April 1971)

The Two Ronnies with Madeline Smith
Oh sweet Saturday nights!

And these were just the beginning of the 1970s. I have to admit I am of the generation that was spoilt as far as TV was concerned  - Okay we only had three channels back then  (inconceivable by today's youngsters) but Bill Cotton Jr (who was head of BBC Light Entertainment) and his team knew exactly what was required to keep the family transfixed to TV screens with entertainment that appealed to everybody after the football results disappeared from our screens.

This particular Saturday night in 1971 featured two television classics.

The evening kicked off at 6.10pm with Doctor Who starring Jon Pertwee featured part two of a journey into The Colony In Space. This classic adventure also starred the gorgeous Katy Manning as Jo Grant and featured future soap stars Helen Worth (Gail in Coronation Street) and Tony Caunter (Roy in EastEnders).

Later on at 8.15pm; Light entertainment came alive with The Two Ronnies starring Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett.

In this, the second of their first series of comedy sketches and jokes for the BBC, the pair starred alongside Madeleine Smith in their classic serial Hampton Wick and featured musical guests New World and Tina Charles.

Over on BBC2 at 8.15pm  Glenda Jackson portrayed Elizabeth R while Kenneth Williams followed on with a new entertainment series entitled Meanwhile on BBC2 at 10.15pm.

Radio Highlights for 17 March 1971

The Larkins Added Some Light Relief 
To Radio 4 Schedules
Sir Alf Ramsay, The England Team Manager gave an interview to Radio 2  as part of Sport On 2 at 2.35pm. Over on Radio 4 at 7.00pm; pianist Mrs Mills was Roy Plomley's guest on Desert Island Discs.

Roy Plomley was back at 7.30pm hosting  a new series of Many A Slip  with guests Isobel Barnett, Eleanor Summerfield, David Nixon and Richard Murdoch. followed by the first of a new series of The Larkins starring Betty Miles and Betty Marsden in  Just Perfick: Baby Larkin at 8pm.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Record Store Day

Today is Record Store Day.

This is the day that all the independently owned record stores come together with a variety of artists to celebrate the art of music, with exclusive vinyl and various promotional products from some of the biggest bands of the 60s and 70s.

EMI have got in on the act with some Record Day Exclusives on vinyl - yes vinyl -  including  'An Introduction to Syd Barrett' on double vinyl and Deep Purple's 'Hush / Speed King BBC Sessions' on 7". 

For further information check out the  EMI Sessions website

Saturday Superstore: Stop: Ought He To Be Eating Flora?

Flora Advert - Radio Times, 1971
Ad copy dramatists obviously went to town on this advert for Flora featured in the Radio Times of 40 years ago this week.

With the words STOP: Ought He To Be Eating Flora? emblazoned across the advert, the ad suggests that our Brian Rix lookalike (or is it Brian Rix?) should be eating Flora...

No doubt Mum would have been inspired to replace that cheap tub of margarine with the more palatable spread with essential nutrients.

What I'm Listening To: Doctor Who - The BBC Radio Episodes

Doctor Who - The BBC Radio Episodes
- BBC / AudioGo
Doctor Who has been a familiar figure on TV for nearly 50 years - even if he has had eleven different actors portraying him.

He has also had a long career is a radio star. AudioGo recently released a collection comprising of several of the Doctor's earliest audio adventures which celebrate the Doctor's adventures on the airwaves.

The collection entitled Doctor Who:The BBC Radio Episodes contains all four of the full cast Doctor Who radio dramas plus the 1976 made for record audio adventure Doctor Who and The Pescatons.

Click here for my review of Doctor Who: The BBC Radio Episodes.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Badge Friday: Marilyn Monroe (1)

Marilyn Monroe Badge - 1980s
What can be said of Marilyn Monroe that hasn't been already?

I became a fan of the great ladies movies over 25 years ago and still find she has an enigmatic presence on screen when her films are repeated.

I recently saw for the first time, Don't Bother To Knock, in which Marilyn plays a deranged babysitter. What a spellbinding movie , well scripted and well acted for its era!

This is one of several Marilyn badges I have from the 1980s.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Sixties: Fall In Love Forever - Every Day!

Journey Through Time: The Searchers 
On Saturday evening I went to Newport Riverfront to catch The Searchers Live in concert. I saw my good friend and guest blogger Nigel Corten, who was truly inspired to share more of his sixties memories after an evening of great music: 
"Just got back from seeing The Searchers in Newport and I had to put pen to paper, well, fingers to keyboard. I am truly inspired.  
The band still contains two of the original members from its golden era who have journeyed through time with me and it was a brilliant gig, testimony to the power of music, real music, albeit of the pop variety to save myself from the classical and other variety of music devotees having a quiet chuckle. 
Their music, like much of the stuff that I listen to on a daily basis on my iPod or car stereo, evokes crystal-clear memories of the great days of my youth back in the Fifties and the Sixties.  
I have, on occasion, kept diaries for the odd year, but simply listening to a song from what I call this golden age of pop instantly sends me right back there to a memory without having to turn the page of one of my diaries, if I could find one.  
Memories Of  The Majestic Ballroom (The Stic), Newport
One song The Searchers played , Seven Nights To Rock, was about the days in the week and what it meant to the writer,  it was spot-on, as the song mapped out every day of the week and what they got up to.  
The Searchers At Newport Riverfront - Nigel Corten
For me, Monday was probably the best night, with school, and later work, out of the way there was only one place to be, The Majestic ballroom, at the foot of Stow Hill, in Newport, or better known to all then as the 'The Stic'.  
Many bands, famous, not so famous and infamous mounted the tiny stage there. 
At just past the beginning of the 'beat boom', around 1964, one band springs to mind in the shape of the Nashville Teens who packed out the place, courtesy of their rendition of 'Tobacco Road' having just been a big hit for them.  
A feature of American movies and TV shows at the time were the array of T-shirts worn by American youngsters that you couldn't get over here, and for me to be close-up see the lead singer with that coveted bright yellow shirt with in bold letters the name and number of an American radio station, that he wore on our television shows like Ready, Steady, Go!, was simply brilliant for me.  
The Paramounts
The Paramounts, who a month or two after their 'Stic' gig morphed into Procol Harum, also played there, along with many other bands whose personnel would make it big in some form or other.  
I never was very good at jiving, that was the domain of the 'Teds' in their beetle-crushers and Danny Coffey and his friends, who could spin around and not let their partners shoot off in all directions when they failed to grab their hand like my efforts. 
I only left my seat for the safety of the Twist, slow dances or some form of embarrassing jigging around to The Beatles, The Stones, etc, or air guitaring it along to the early Kinks big hits 
I well remember when the Stic DJ, who operated from what looked like a large gramophone at the side of the stage, announced that he had a copy of the Kinks' follow-up to 'You Really Got Me', and when the sound of the intro to 'All Day and All of the Night' was pumped out, everyone got out of their seats to joyously thrash around. 

Hurricanes, Rimshots and Interns
Back to the present, at the gig in the Riverfront Theatre in Newport, I bumped into Ray Underwood who had played in Newport's version of The Hurricanes.  
We chatted about the times and it brought back memories of the many musical watering holes of the Sixties, like the Transport Club in Clarence Place, where The Rimshots kept people moving around on the dance floor on Saturday nights.  
The Transport Club also had a major claim to fame back then, as the Bee Gees, who were number one at the time with "Massachusetts", incredibly turned up one hot summer's night, just like the Beatles who had a contractual duty to play Abergavenny Town hall in June 1963, when they were on a real roll at the time having just dropped off the top of the singles chart with 'From Me To You' and on the threshold of changing the face of popular music for ever.  
Some evenings in Newport were quiet, but the Bosco Hall on Cromwell Road, Hartridge High School, The Severn View Club, in Caldicot, and Underwood Social Club, where Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers held court on Thursdays, plus many other small venues, were highlights of my memories of the Sixties.  
Top band of the time were Newport's The Interns, who had turned professional and were tipped for the top on the back of replacing The Beatles as the main band at the Star Club in Hamburg.  
Bringing things full circle, The Interns, though not hitting the heights in the charts, played on a number of some heavy duty tours for the time with Dusty Springfield, and . . . The Searchers!, who in turn were the number two band to the 'Fab Four' for a brief spell back when the Mersey Sound was at its height. 
Having lived through the early days following the Second World War, which was an incredibly difficult time, emotionally and financially for millions of ordinary people, things seemed to settle down, and when rock 'n' roll in the mid-Fifties came along to add some musical relief, it opened the door to what life could be like, courtesy of the many movies in 'Full Color' and CinemaScope.  
There's a saying that every time I hear it makes me laugh, it's the one: "If you can remember the Sixties, you weren't there", rubbish!  
I remember it clearly, as I indeed WAS there, along with countless others who were fortunate to embrace and enjoy those great years.  Another saying that I remember of the times sums it up perfectly: "The Sixties, where you could fall in love for ever - every day!"  
I find it hard to imagine that in fifty years time the 'musical heroes' of today will be playing to packed theatres and arenas churning out their mind-numbing, repetitious 'beats' that passes for music.  
So, when the last of the great band's of the Fifties and Sixties that possess an original member or two, like The Searchers, finally hang up their microphone or guitars, it will truly be the end of a great era, the Fifties and Sixties ­ just saying that still sends the hair on the back of my neck briskly to attention as I remember those times."

Nigel Corten       

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Retrospace Top Ten Sundays: Classic Radio Comedy Series

I've loved listening to many classic radio series for many years now - in fact when I first started listening to these some of them weren't even classics.
  1. Hancock’s Half Hour
  2. Dad’s Army
  3. Lines From My Grandfathers Forehead
  4. Parsley Sidings
  5. Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy
  6. Steptoe and Son
  7. The Men From The Ministry
  8. The Navy Lark
  9. The Goon Show
  10. I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again

Some of these series made the transition from radio to TV and vice versa, both ways they are all still great shows, for instance I never tire of listening to Steptoe or Dad's Army and think they work just as well as on TV.

My favourite has to be Hancock's Half Hour for the sheer creativity and originality - a great series.

A much overlooked series is Parsley Sidings, which these days is notable by its absence in the BBC archive although several episodes have come to light in recent years.
 great sketch show has to be Ronnie Barker's Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead, mainly as it allows you to laugh in the appropriate places and the sketches are so clever.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Book Find: With Love Richard Beckinsale

With Love -
Richard Beckinsale
Here's a book I never thought I'd find when visiting Newport Riverfront's sessions stalls tonight - a copy of the actor Richard Beckinsale's  book With Love published posthumously in 1980.

Richard who was perhaps best known for his comedy roles in series such as Rising Damp, Porridge and The Lovers wrote lots of poetry in his lifetime, much of which was gathered together here by his wife, the actress, Judy Loe.

The book also has a foreword  written by Ronnie Barker.

Costing me £2.50 this book was a nice little purchase!

Saturday Superstore: Renault 10 for £849

Renault 10 Advert - Radio Times, 1971
A brand new Renault 10 back in 1971 would set you back £849, that's right £849, with 4 doors, disc brakes, underbody protection, radial ply tyres, heater and demister, childproof locks, anti-theft lock and rubber overriders. Mind you, £849 was a heck of a lot of money in 1971.

You could expect to pay three or four times that amount for the same car now depending on condition.

Friday, 8 April 2011

John McNally Discusses The Searchers First Number One

The Searchers 
I said I'd have another item on The Searchers coming up and here it is - John McNally recalls that historic moment in August 1963 when Sweets For My Sweet hit the UK Number One slot knocking Elvis Presley from the Number One position!

Find Out how The Searchers did it with a little help from their friend - Beatle John Lennon - in my exclusive interview with John McNally here!

There is also further information on The Searchers 2011 Tour and more about John McNally's career as a Searcher here!

Badge Friday: Madonna (1)

Back to the 80s yet again this week, (I promise I will vary this again soon!), and here's a pin badge of that famous princess of pop Madonna.

Undoubtedly Madonna is probably one of the most successful female artists of our time and I loved all her early records (and still have most of them too).

This badge was probably purchased from Darlington Market around 1987. I actually collected a lot of Madonna badges, probably because she was such an interesting personality to collect and was always changing her look.

This look is undoubtedly my favourite from her Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline period, lots of bangles and crucifixes but still relatively inoffensive.

These early recordings still sound great too, Holiday having recharted at least twice since 1984, though Lucky Star was my favourite, if only for Madonna's brilliant choreography in the video which she redesigned at the last minute when a dancer failed to turn up for the video shoot.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Retrospace Top Ten Sundays: Top Ten Singles of 1961

Helen Shapiro
A slightly different Top Ten for this week – I thought I’d take a trip back fifty years in my Retrospace TARDIS to discover what the best selling records of 1961 were.

Here’s an interesting list of the top ten best selling records of 1961 provided by

Top Ten Singles From 1961:

  1. Helen Shapiro - You Don't Know
  2. Elvis Presley - Wooden Heart
  3. Del Shannon - Runaway
  4. Andy Stewart - A Scottish Soldier
  5. Billy Fury - Halfway To Paradise
  6. Eden Kane - Well I Ask You
  7. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
  8. Helen Shapiro - Walkin' Back To Happiness
  9. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
  10. Everly Brothers - Walk Right Back / Ebony Eyes

Helen meets Ena Sharples from Coronation Street
Fascinating to see the big artist of 1961 (tipping Elvis Presley to the post) was schoolgirl Helen Shapiro who recorded several memorable (and still excellent) records between then and 1963. Helen's records were produced by Norrie Paramor who also produced hits for Cliff, The Shadows and Frank Ifield.  

Helen was supported on her UK package tour in 1963 by a little known group called The Beatles – I wonder what happened to them?

Retrospace Top Ten Sunday Needs You!

I'm looking for your top tens! - if you have a top ten you can contribute, e-mail it to me and I'll feature it on a future Sunday on Retrospace.

As well as featuring your top ten - I will give you a full credit as a guest blogger and a link to your relevant blog or website. Furthermore - you will also get an exclusive Retrospace Top Ten Sunday cut out and keep badge for taking part!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Classic Doctor Who Adventure Inferno Gets AudioGo Release.

Doctor Who - Inferno
Released by AudioGo

AudioGo are continuing to release their readings of classic Doctor Who stories this month with the release of Doctor Who - Inferno written by Terrance Dicks and read by Caroline John who played Liz Shaw in the original serial from 1970.

Based on Don Houghton's original TV serial from 1970, this exciting reading  finds The Doctor trapped in a parallel world, unable to act as the earth is attacked by a poisonous liquid leaking from the top secret drilling project Inferno.

Inferno was originally published by Target Books in 1984 and is the latest in the Doctor Who series to  get the audiobook treatment. Running to 4 Hours, 5 Minutes Doctor Who - Inferno is spread across 4 compact discs and features Nick Spender's original artwork from the book.

Doctor Who - Inferno is released by AudioGo on 7 April 2011

Doctor Who and The Ribos Operation
Released by AudioGo
Doctor Who And The Ribos Operation

Ian Marter's Novelisation of the first Doctor Who Adventure In The Key To Time Series Doctor Who and The Ribos Operation is now available as an audiobook from AudioGo.

Read by the voice of K9, John Leeson, the adventure is spread across 5 Compact Discs.

You can read my Audiobook Review of Doctor Who And The Ribos Operation here.

Saturday Superstore: Matchbox Cars

Matchbox Advert - TV Comic, 1973
I remember having lots of Matchbox cars as a small boy - I think I must have inherited a lot of them from other children as many had year imprints on them going back to the mid 60s. All well worn, buckled wheels, paint chipped and well loved. The last few I had went on eBay a few years ago, and one of them was the bright yellow roller featured in this advert from 1973.

My particular love of these toys used to be the intricately designed boxes they came in. They never lasted long before one of my parents stood on them or ditched them in the bin after I went to bed - but then again it was supposed to be the toy that mattered.

I had an uncle on Stockton market who would give me one of these toys every time we walked past his stall on a Saturday morning, my Mum ever so proud got quite embarrassed because of this lovely chaps generosity and took an alternate route in the end which seemed rather mean-spirited to me!

Well, I was only six!

Friday, 1 April 2011

What I'm Listening To: Amy's View and Doctor Who

Doctor Who And The Ribos Operation
I've got a pile of audiobooks to review at the moment, but its great to catch up on audiobooks and plays particularly on my walks between home and the workplace.

Amy's View
A couple of weeks ago I listened to a play called Amy's View starring Judi Dench and Samantha Bond. Written by David Hare this is a bit of an emotional roller coaster of a play but with great performances from all involved.

This week I'm listening to Doctor Who and The Ribos Operation by Ian Marter and read by the voice of K9 himself, John Leeson.

From memory this was the fourth Doctor Who book I owned back in 1979, so its nice to revisit it (as I have done with several Doctor Who titles this last year) as an audiobook.

Check out my latest audiobook reviews:
Audiobook Review: Amy's View
Audiobook Review: Doctor Who and The Ribos Operation

Badge Friday: Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran Badge - 1980s
The late great Eddie Cochran has always been a favourite of mine and it was great to see a classic record such as C'Mon Everybody re-enter the charts in the late 80s (even if it was due to its use on a Levi Jeans advert).

I picked this pin badge up around that time - so it's not a 50s original!

The image itself originates from an Eddie Cochran Greatest Hits album from the same period, which featured other greats like Summertime Blues, Somethin' Else and Three Steps To Heaven.

My copy got broke during a house move though I've since replaced it with a Compact Disc.


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