Friday, 8 April 2011

Badge Friday: Madonna (1)

Back to the 80s yet again this week, (I promise I will vary this again soon!), and here's a pin badge of that famous princess of pop Madonna.

Undoubtedly Madonna is probably one of the most successful female artists of our time and I loved all her early records (and still have most of them too).

This badge was probably purchased from Darlington Market around 1987. I actually collected a lot of Madonna badges, probably because she was such an interesting personality to collect and was always changing her look.

This look is undoubtedly my favourite from her Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline period, lots of bangles and crucifixes but still relatively inoffensive.

These early recordings still sound great too, Holiday having recharted at least twice since 1984, though Lucky Star was my favourite, if only for Madonna's brilliant choreography in the video which she redesigned at the last minute when a dancer failed to turn up for the video shoot.


  1. Could you label your '80s stuff, please?

  2. You should find most of it is listed now - several items had slipped through but I intend to serve the 80s a little better in future!



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