Saturday, 2 April 2011

Classic Doctor Who Adventure Inferno Gets AudioGo Release.

Doctor Who - Inferno
Released by AudioGo

AudioGo are continuing to release their readings of classic Doctor Who stories this month with the release of Doctor Who - Inferno written by Terrance Dicks and read by Caroline John who played Liz Shaw in the original serial from 1970.

Based on Don Houghton's original TV serial from 1970, this exciting reading  finds The Doctor trapped in a parallel world, unable to act as the earth is attacked by a poisonous liquid leaking from the top secret drilling project Inferno.

Inferno was originally published by Target Books in 1984 and is the latest in the Doctor Who series to  get the audiobook treatment. Running to 4 Hours, 5 Minutes Doctor Who - Inferno is spread across 4 compact discs and features Nick Spender's original artwork from the book.

Doctor Who - Inferno is released by AudioGo on 7 April 2011

Doctor Who and The Ribos Operation
Released by AudioGo
Doctor Who And The Ribos Operation

Ian Marter's Novelisation of the first Doctor Who Adventure In The Key To Time Series Doctor Who and The Ribos Operation is now available as an audiobook from AudioGo.

Read by the voice of K9, John Leeson, the adventure is spread across 5 Compact Discs.

You can read my Audiobook Review of Doctor Who And The Ribos Operation here.

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