Thursday, 28 April 2011

Favourite Tenby Places

Cofion  - Tenby
I've long enjoyed my visits to Tenby since the days Rachel and I first started to visit their as a couple. I frequently find it as the ultimate chill out zone for me and it's always great fun to return there when we can, be it for a week or only a day!

Rachel usually grants me an hour to visit my favourite shop there Cofion which handles Edwardian postcards and second hand books.

The shop is not unlike Doctor Who's TARDIS and I'm never sure how the proprietor, Albie Smorsarski manages to squeeze all his items into there, but he does and I usually come away with something, either a book , vintage theatre programme, or on this occasion post-cards and old photographs. This wonderful shop even has a website so if you are looking for something of interest - pay Cofion a visit!

Fecci's Ice Cream Parlour - Tenby
Another favourite haunt since my early visiting days to Tenby is Fecci's which do the tastiest Ice Cream combinations I've ever had the delight to sample.

Fecci's Knickerbocker Glory
A traditional Ice Cream company in every sense Fecci's  Knickerbocker Glory's are indeed heavenly and it's always a treat for the family to visit their Ice Cream Parlour!

Tenby is a truly inspiring place and you can check out Rachel's scrapbook layout for the day at Purplecrafter.

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