Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Goodbye Sarah-Jane : Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
Elisabeth Sladen was my first real favourite Doctor Who companion as journalist Sarah-Jane Smith.

For almost four years she was the perfect heroine opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, fighting off Sontaran's, Daleks, Cybermen, Dinosaurs and Egyptian Mummies. In fact you name it, Sarah-Jane had to deal with it.

When Sarah-Jane left the series in 1976, fans never stopped loving her, so much so, she returned with K9 Mk III in a pilot for a prospective spin off series in 1981 entitled K9 and Company.

Elisabeth Sladen and Tom Baker
When the Doctor Who series was resurrected by Russell T Davies  Elisabeth Sladen made the first of two returns opposite David Tennant, further to this, she was also given her own spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Elisabeth Sladen has transcended generations of Doctor Who fandom, she is just as recognised by my children today as she was by me as a child in the 1970s.

A true heroine. I'm sad to say I never had the pleasure of meeting her or saying "Hello" - but she was and will always be my favourite Doctor Who companion - the Doctor Who universe will be a sadder place without her - but her journeys will go on forever.

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