Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kate and William's Royal Wedding - An Inspiration!

Princess Katherine and Prince William
I can't really describe myself as a total royalist, though I do think it's important that in Britain we have a Royal  family, and I have to say that watching Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding yesterday was a marvellous event for those of us at home watching the excellent coverage on the BBC, as it probably was for those who were there in London.
Jon and Tom's Royal Wedding Collage
It even kept the children's attention for a while (Tom and Jon had previously been inspired to put together a celebratory collage made up of a drawing by Jon and flags from Clare Bond's delightful Royal wedding Cupcakes on Thursday. It's nice to see that such an occasion can still inspire and bring harmony to people.
Clare's delightful Royal wedding Cupcakes
For me, I'll reiterate what i said on Facebook: "Thinks Kate looks beautiful and certainly has a lovely smile. William looks very proud of his wife too. Well done to them both."

And although they are never likely to read this, I hope they go on to be a true inspiration to future generations in all they do.

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