Sunday, 10 April 2011

Retrospace Top Ten Sundays: Classic Radio Comedy Series

I've loved listening to many classic radio series for many years now - in fact when I first started listening to these some of them weren't even classics.
  1. Hancock’s Half Hour
  2. Dad’s Army
  3. Lines From My Grandfathers Forehead
  4. Parsley Sidings
  5. Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy
  6. Steptoe and Son
  7. The Men From The Ministry
  8. The Navy Lark
  9. The Goon Show
  10. I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again

Some of these series made the transition from radio to TV and vice versa, both ways they are all still great shows, for instance I never tire of listening to Steptoe or Dad's Army and think they work just as well as on TV.

My favourite has to be Hancock's Half Hour for the sheer creativity and originality - a great series.

A much overlooked series is Parsley Sidings, which these days is notable by its absence in the BBC archive although several episodes have come to light in recent years.
 great sketch show has to be Ronnie Barker's Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead, mainly as it allows you to laugh in the appropriate places and the sketches are so clever.

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  1. I must give Parsley Sidings a listen, I don't remember it at the time but have recently "acquired" a copy of the series. HitchHikers got me hooked on radio comedy. Two of my favourites, now probably considered "classics" that I loved when they first went out are Radio Active and The Burkiss Way.



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