Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday Superstore: Nestle's Milky Bar

Milky Bar Advert - TV Action, 1973
"The Milky Bars Are On Me!"

There was always something momentous about The Milky Bar Kid. Like The Jolly Green Giant and Captain Birdseye they made commercial breaks a joy to watch back in the 1970s.

I always (and still do) enjoy white chocolate, though you don't see much of the aforementioned Milky Bar Kid now (he's probably a bank manager somewhere).

This advert from a 1973 edition of TV Action encouraged you to save up wrappers for four Milky Bar play sets  and at an additional cost you could get Cowboys, Indian's and a Saloon.  If anyone got these and still has them - let me know and I could possibly feature a photo in a future post!


  1. 1070s? Didn't these ads originate in other decades?

  2. No, this one (TV Action) comes from 1973, though the YouTube ad is from much later and of course Milky Bar ads have been around since the 1950s!



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