Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tenby Panoramic Scenes

Tenby Harbour
On Easter Sunday, Rachel, the children and myself managed to spend the day in wonderful Tenby.

The weather was glorious and we managed to spend several pleasant hours on the beach as well as take in some of the local surroundings as well as the traditional visit to Fecci's Ice Cream parlour where I consumed a Strawberry Knickerbocker Glory!

Beach Scene, Tenby
During the process of the day on the beach and on the way to my favourite book shop I once again attempted to play with the panoramic settings on my mobile phone camera.

Towards The Sea With Caldey Island In Distance
Here are the three scenes I created (despite the fact that I could see very little due to the sunlight!) unfortunately the sun light seems to distort the images in places but still adds depth to the scene.

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