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The Online Scribblings of Andy Howells: The TARDIS at Tredegar House

The Online Scribblings of Andy Howells: The TARDIS at Tredegar House:

Check out my pictures of Doctor Who's TARDIS taken on Bank Holiday Monday at Tredegar House, Newport over on my Online Scribblings Blog!

Those Radio Times: BBC Spring Bank Holiday Highlights 1971

Cash In The Attic?, Bargain Hunt?, Wallace and Gromit again?

If you were a bit disappointed by the lack of originality on BBC television on Bank Holiday Monday in 2011 you would do well to take your BBC TV and Radio TARDIS back to Bank Holiday Monday 31 May 1971. There, a cavalcade of stars were set to entertain you on BBC TV and Radio!

Okay BBC1 didn't really kick off till 11.35am on BBC1 with Watch With Mother: Mary, Mungo and Midge but for me that has to beat Cash In The Attic hands down!

A documentary East African Safari was at 11.50am followed by The Debbie Reynolds Show at 12.50pm.

Frank Bough introduced an afternoon of sport action from 1.15pm with Grandstand.

This included The Indianapolis '500' introduced by race ace Graham Hill, at approximately 1.25pm, Horse Racing From Doncaster throughout the afternoon  with commentators Peter o Sullevan and Clive Graham and Athletics from The Inter-County Athletics in Leicester with commentary from Ron Pickering and Norris McWhirter.

There were also programmes for children from 5pm including The Pink Panther Show, The Harlem Globetrotters and Disney Time introduced by Lulu.

At 9.10pm Patrick Allen starred in Brett which this week featured a chance encounter with an American film producer and a mystery painting leading Brett to a whole new world.

The Movie Crazy Years (illustrated by the legendary comic strip artist Frank Bellamy on the cover of that week's Radio Times) at 10.0pm was a nostalgic look back to Hollywood's booming 30s and featured Bette Davis, Busby Berkeley and Joan Blondell.

Viewers in Scotland were treat to Miss Scotland 1971 at 11.25pm compered by Alex Macintosh.

Over on BBC2 on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 1971

BBC2 also had some great Bank Holiday programmes on offer on this day in 1971...

Alan Bennett read The Pooh Story Book by AA Milne in Jackanory at 4pm, while Pete Duel and Ben Murphy starred in The Fifth Victim in Alias Smith and Jones at 8pm.

Thirty Minute Theatre at 10.0pm featured Patrick Troughton, Patsy Rowlands and David Collings in Jilly by Jumbo Parker. This was followed by Randy Newman In Concert at 10.30pm.

Radio Highlights on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 1971

BBC Radio highlights from Radios 1,2, 3 and 4 kept listeners happy to.

As well as regulars Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker, Jimmy Young, Tony Brandon, Terry Wogan , Noel Edmonds and Bob Harris listeners could tune into The Engelbert Humperdinck Show on Radio 2 at 11.2am with guests Pickettywitch and Dana.

Roy Castle hosted The Roy Castle Show - a holiday Castle In the air musical at 2.2pm. Roy was joined by former Seeker Judith Durham, Roy Budd, David Jason and Pickettywitch (again!).

Soprano Anne Pashley starred in a comic opera in three acts La Fille de Madame Angot over on Radio 3 at 2.15pm.

Radio 4 featured Keith Michell presenting My Kind Of Music at 10.30am while Robert Morley and Friends Ambrosine Philpotts, Jackie Collins, Margaret Powell, Derek Dougan and John Mortimer sat around the same table to see what happened at 1.45pm.
  • If anyone knows of or has any recordings of any of the above shows, I would love to hear from you, so I could include them for review in a future post!

Check Out My Vintage Pictures on Retrospace

I have gathered a bit of a collection of vintage photographs over the years and a while back I thought it would be a good idea to share these with readers on my Retrospace blog.

These have included images I picked up in a flea market in Richmond, North Yorkshire 18 years ago. Some of these pictures were used as an animation  project during my HND Media Course in Carmarthen in which I illustrated the Beatles track In My Life.

Further pictures were found recently when I visited my favourite little bookshop, Cofion, in Tenby.

As I know very little or nothing about many of the pictures I thought they would make an ideal subject for the regular Wordless Wednesday section which is regularly featured on other blogs.

Check out my complete Wordless Wednesday's here and please feel free to leave comments.

If you want to take part in Wordless Wednesday yourself you can find full details here.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Newport Scenes: The TARDIS at Tredegar House

Doctor Who's Time Machine The TARDIS made a stop at Tredegar House in Newport today. There was no Doctor in site however but his trusty blue box resided in the court yard for several hours enabling fans of all ages to pose with it.

I couldn't resist nipping over to Tredegar House to get a few pictures of the model revamped and remodelled for Matt Smith's Doctor after Rachel informed me it was there.

Unfortunately the children have gone away for a few days as they'd have loved this - still there's hopefully another time and space the TARDIS could turn up in!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

It's Official! - Mix Tapes Are Dead!

Sign of The Times: Hannah Montana and Mix tapes
I caught a moment from the final episode of Hannah Montana the other night. My daughter loves the show and I have to admit it has entertained me from time to time over the last few years.

Hannah's alter ego, Miley (plated by Miley Cyrus) is approached by her dearly beloved admirer  (of which no doubt there are many) he is clutching a curious pen drive object.

"Miley, I have something for you", he says.

"Really?" she replies.

"Yes, it's a play list to remind you of me" he says giving her the mini mp3 player.

"It's a play list!"  I cry, my daughter looking at me bemusedly. "25 years ago it would have been a mix tape".

Yes folks - I'm getting old!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Those Radio Times: BBC Radio and TV Highlights - 28 May 1970

"It's Thursday and it's Top Of The Pops!."

The BBC's iconic pop show tonight on 28 May 1970 presented by Tony Blackburn at 7.15pm was going to see how the English World Cup Squad 1970 - already in Mexico for the World Cup - were fairing with their single "Back Home". By the end of the show it was revealed they were number one.

By the end of Top of the Pops, no doubt sports fans were already looking ahead to 9.10pm to World Cup Grandstand when David Coleman introduced a special preview of the 1970 World Cup via satellite from Mexico. David along with Sir Alf Ramsay invited viewers to meet the England Squad from their headquarters in Guadalajara, a gentleman's sport indeed back then!

Back home over on BBC2 that evening, Robert Robinson chaired an edition of Call My Bluff on BBC2 at 8.0pm a duel of words and wit between Antonia Fraser, Dad's Army star Clive Dunn, Clement Freud and Geoffrey Wheeler, Juanna Jones and Muriel Pavlow.

At 9.10pm W.Somerset Maughan spotlighted Olive dramatised by David Turner and starring Eileen Atkins, Edward Fox and Martin Potter.

Jazz Scene at 10.0pm came from the Ronnie Scott Club and featured The Gay Barton Quartet, The Stars of Faith and The Miles Davis Quintet.

Radio Highlights For 28 May 1970

Lots to offer the radio listener on this day in 1970. Stuart Henry pesented Sounds Of the 70s on Radio 1 at 6.0pm with guests Strawbs and Alexis Korner and The New Church.

Over on Radio 2 Desmond Carrington hosted Album Time at 6.1pm. Later on, listeners on Radio 1 and 2 would join together for Big Band sound at 7.2pm with Alan Dell, while Billy Ternent played his own special brand of music with Tony Steven, Barbara Jay and comments from Roger Moffat at 8.1pm. The Organist Entertains with Robin Richmond followed at 8.45pm.

Earlier that day, Radio 4 Listeners were treat to the first instalment of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte and read by David Mahlowe in Story Time at 4.30pm.

At 8.0pm Tony Aspler, Miriam Margolyes, Harold Kasket, John Gabriel and Jeffrey Seagal showcased a programme on Jewish humour called You Don't Have To Be Jewish.

"Jewish Humour is far more than a series of stories about Solly and Morry, of Chicken Soup, and My Son The Doctor." wrote Tony Aspler in Radio Times. 

"It is a way of looking at life, conditioned by the trauma of the Jewish experience, in the ghettos of Eastern Europe and spreading to the Anglo-Saxon world of mass migration at the turn of the century. The vision is bifocal: it is cynical and sentimental even at it's most macabre, It's qualities of nihilism and self criticism strike a chord in today's anxious world."

Saturday Superstore: Sch... You Know Who!

Schweppes Advertisement - Radio Times, 1971
Schweppes Tonic water was a frequent sight around most homes in the 1970s during party seasons and a frequent sight on television too, generally featuring the actor William Franklyn promoting ithem in comical scenarios including dinner parties and house demolitions - always with style and grace!

William Franklyn had one of those distinguishable voices which you recognised instantly on British Television during the 60s, 70s and 80s. He voiced and appeared in several commercials for Schweppes as well as featuring in television shows The Avengers, Whodunnit and Masterspy.

Two little known facts are he was the original voice for Dangermouse in the pilot episode of the cartoon series and later on replaced the late Peter Jones as the voice of the book for the radio series of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

William's daughter, Sabina is also a popular actress having appeared in Fawlty Towers and a regular in the ITV sitcom Keep it In The Family.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Night Is Desert Island Discs???

Kirsty Young
It's Desert Island Discs fever on Radio 2 tonight at 8pm as Friday Night Is Music Night pays a very special tribute to the long running BBC Radio Show devised by Roy Plomley in 1942.

The BBC have recently launched their own Desert Island Discs website which allows listeners to see castaways choices since the shows conception in 1942 and even allows listeners to listen to episodes from the show hosted by Kirsty Young and Sue Lawley.

I've been a big fan of the show for several years and always love the no nonsense approach taken by the interviewers to tap in on information the castaways wouldn't usually reveal. Sometimes controversial but usually very honest!

Andy Walmsley has paid tribute to this long standing radio institution over on Random Radio Jottings and Other Gubbins and I also have a few articles which I've featured on Retrospace and Suite101 so check them out!

Read On:
Desert Island Discs
Arthur Lowe On Desert Island Discs 
Clive Dunn On Desert Island Discs
Download Desert Island Discs From the BBC

Badge Friday : Doctor Who Logo (1982)

I'm continuing the Doctor Who theme on Badge Friday this week with a badge I got back in 1982 of the then current Doctor Who logo. The logo a tube design was considered pretty funky for the 1980s though looking back I prefer the diamond logo from the 70s.

Anyhow I acquired this along with a Cyberman badge (50p each if I remember), I recall ordering them from an advert in Doctor Who Monthly and waiting months for them to arrive, when they did arrive they were indeed  impressive - so worth the wait!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Alan Ayckbourn's "Role Play" Review Now Online!

Last week I had the pleasure to go and see a really excellent production of Newport Playgoers Society production of Role Play at The Dolman Theatre, Newport.

Judith Lindwall’s directional debut for Newport Playgoers Society is the third part of Alan Ayckbourn’s Damsels in Distress trilogy: Role Play.

Role Play tells the story of Julie-Ann and Justin, a mismatched couple who reside in a London Docklands apartment. The drama unfolds as they prepare a dinner party to announce their engagement to their respective parents.

However, events take an unexpected twist when an ex lap dancer called Paige Petite spectacularly enters the apartment on the run from an abusive boyfriend and gun toting bodyguard.

You can read my review of Role Play which featured wonderful performances from Emma Hazelhurst, Cassie Bowkett, Jamie Jarvis and Rose Bissex at Suite101.com

A big thank you to Phil Mansell who provided me with some excellent rehearsal shots from the production. Check out further news and pictures from Newport Playgoers Society at their website.

Two Cool Dudes In Carmarthen

Tom and Jon In Carmarthen

Found this image tucked away on my Retrospace blog from August 2009. It's one I took of the boys playing on the climbing frame in the park in Carmarthen. I particularly like the posterized filter I put on this via the phone giving it a pretty cool look.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Jungle Book At Cardiff New Theatre Review Now Online!

The Cast Of The Jungle Book
Used With permission: Birmingham Stage Company
Last night the children and myself had a great evening in Cardiff sampling the delights of Burger King before going along to Cardiff New Theatre to see Birmingham Stage Company's musical publication of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale The Jungle Book.

The production was just short of two hours and really held the children's attention so much they came home very enthusiastic that even Tom and Jon demanded to listen to an audiobook dramatisation of it as they settled down to sleep.

There were many great moments in the production though perhaps the funniest was the final entrance of Shere Khan prior to his battle with Mowgli. As a Tigers roar ripped across the theatre several children and grown ups (including me!) leaped out of their seats in shock!

You can read my full review of The Jungle Book at Suite101. The show will be touring the UK over the next few months, check local press for details!

Wordless Wednesday: Early 1900s (19)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Saturday Superstore: Michelin Radial Tyres

Michelin Radials - Radio Times 1972
'Stronger on Steel Longer On Life' was Michelin's catch-line for 1972 and this neat little ad from the Radio Times illustrated the benefits of fine supple steel cord in Radial Tyres communicates the message effectively and predates magic eye pictures by about two decades - spot the Michelin Man!

Those Radio Times: BBC Radio and TV Highlights - 21 May 1972

Peter Fluck and Tony Evans reunite
The Beatles for the cover of Radio Times
in 1972 
“Where are The Beatles?” asked Radio Times   in the edition dated 20-26 May 1972. 

The world’s best known pop group was by now becoming a distant memory and with John, Paul, George and Ringo riding high in the charts with successful solo careers, the BBC took the opportunity to plunder their archives and put together a definitive documentary series entitled The Beatles Story on the Fab Four.

BBC radio presenter Brian Matthew hosted this thirteen part series which began on Sunday 21 May 1972 at 5pm on BBC Radio 1 and 2 sandwiched between two halves of Alan Freeman presenting Pick of the Pops.

No series had probably been done on The Beatles before but it would be the first of many. A repeat on BBC 6 Music last year revealed there were a few errors in The Beatles history, but in all fairness these have only been uncovered by further meticulous research undertaken in the decades since The Beatles Story was broadcast and the original still makes enjoyable listening even if it sounds more of a timepiece itself.

Sunday afternoon was a great afternoon for comedy too, earlier at 2.2pm on Radio 2 following Family Favourites listeners could tune in to another edition of The Navy Lark starring Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips and Stephen Murray. 

This week’s episode Hypnotised sees Captain Povey seeking help from Pertwee’s mystical Aunt Madam Alvera (June Whitfield) to hypnotise Mrs Povey.

Following The Navy Lark at 2.32pm Jimmy Clitheroe returned for the first of what would prove to be the final series of The Clitheroe Kid entitled My Great Aunt’s Great. 

If you missed either shows The Navy Lark would get a repeat on Monday evening and The Clitheroe kid on Friday.

BBC Television Highlights For 21 May 1972

On BBC1 that day Raymond Baxter introduced an Air Spectacular on BBC1 at 7.25 from Biggin Hill, there was a splendid piece of artwork to illustrate this from cartoonist Frank Bellamy in Radio Times and no doubt the programme itself was equally impressive!.

The late film after the news was The Counterfeit Traitor starring William Holden, Lilli Palmer and Hugh Griffith.

Ian Hendry starred in part 5 with Wanda Ventham in The Lotus Eaters over on BBC2 at 10.25pm while Sunday night viewing closed taking a last look of the week courtesy of Kenny Everett, Humphrey Lyttleton, Roger McGough, John Wells and William Rushton in Up Sunday at 11.20pm

Friday, 20 May 2011

Badge Friday: K9

Here's another Doctor Who Badge that originates from 1980 - this time of the Doctor's faithful robotic dog companion K9.

This one has to be one of my favourites that I got from Denis Alan Print.

This design also came as a necklace and I believe there was also a TARDIS equivalent produced too!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

What I'm Listening To: A Kings Speech by Mark Burgess

Listened to a great one off drama this week  about how King George VI overcame his stammer to deliver his Coronation Speech with the help of his Speech therapist.

Written by Mark Burgess, A Kings Speech is  worth downloading if you enjoy really good drama.

Check Out my Audiobook Review for A Kings Speech by Mark Burgess at Suite101.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurovision Song Contest

Quite surprised how much I enjoyed watching this years Eurovision Song Contest despite the fact I've seen a lot of unfavourable comments on Twitter and Facebook.

The UK entry from Blue has grown on me a bit though I can't say I was taken with Jedward or the eventual winner from Azerbaijan.

My favourite was Estonia's entry from Getter Jaani, which didn't appear to score very high at all - nevertheless a great track and I only wish you could have seen the dance routine Seren did to it!

CD Review: The Best Of Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson

The Best of 
Joe 'Mr.Piano' Henderson - Pulse
Another CD found in a Newport Charity Shop today for a £1.00 is this brilliant compilation of Joe 'Mr.Piano' Henderson's Greatest Hits. 

It's interesting to think that before Rock n Roll and later The Beatles transformed the British Pop Charts music was indeed very much with the accent on traditional melody. Not that melody was a bad thing as this album proves, Joe Henderson, along with Russ Conway were the  leading pianist's in the pop charts in the 1950s.

Henderson scored hits with the memorable Trudie, Treble Chance and Sing It with Joe and also helped steer the early career path of Petula Clark who suggested he should be signed as a recording artist in his own right.

Joe and Petula regularly featured on a radio show together and he also made a cameo in her film The Gay Dog.

This album features all of Joe's fifties hits as well as a few standards including Cheek to Cheek and The Way You Look Tonight sirring up images of both Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as well as Morecambe and Wise.

There are also a few interesting recordings here too. Coffee Bar Jive shows great versatility and fits in well with the late 50s Rock n Roll boom. Its  hard to imagine why this wasn't a hit recording as its such a stand out track. Forgotten Dreams will be familiar to anyone who remembers it regularly popping up as a piece of BBC2 test card music in the late 70s / early 80s .

The Best of Joe "Mr.Piano" Henderson is a nice little compilation to seek out of a very underrated talent of the 50s and 60s and it's surprising to note that much of Joe's work has remained unissued on CD format lets hope this changes in the future.

Those Radio Times! - Eurovision Song Contest 1974

Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard
on the cover of Radio Times dated 4 April 1974
Everyone's getting excited about Blue's 2011 UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest and quite rightly so!

Olivia Newton-John in Radio Times, 1974
At one time or another Eurovision has had a cause to get us excited.

My mother, heavily pregnant,  nearly dropped me when Cliff Richard almost (and apparently should have) won with Congratulations in 1968.

I probably became aware of Eurovision around 1974 when it became one of those shows I was allowed to stay up and watch.

In later years I'd try and sync up the live Radio broadcast with the TV broadcast so I could hear the songs in stereo.

I probably loved it because despite the calibre of performers we usually had representing us in the UK back then - they were real pop stars!

Cliff did it twice (1968 and 1973), Sandie Shaw (1967), Lulu (1969), The Shadows (1975) and Olivia Newton John (1974) who appeared on the cover of Radio Times (with Cliff) the week Eurovision took place at the Dome in Brighton in 1974.

Things were looking good for Australia's Olivia, she had been in the UK for several years already and had  a string of successful hits as well as regular television appearances with Cliff. Her entry for 1974 Long Live Love was written by Valerie Avon and Harold Spiro (not to be confused with Sandie Shaw's song of the same name which hit the top of the UK charts ten years earlier) and had been one of six shortlisted songs picked for Eurovision that year. The vote was put out to TV viewers and the British public responded with answers on a postcard to the BBC with their favourite entry scribbled on it.

The jolly romp about the Sally Annie band was almost light gospel with its approach and one wonders if it was maybe written more with Cliff in mind. Still, Olivia belted out a competent version which won the hearts of the British voting public.

The chart listing the 1974 Eurovision
entries on page 16 of Radio Times
The Eurovision Song Contest went out live on BBC1 television at 9.30pm on Saturday 6 April 1974, live from the Dome in Brighton.

The BBC had stepped in to stage the show after the winner of the previous two years, Luxembourg had pulled out of staging it on the grounds the event was too expensive to produce.

The show was hosted by everyone's favourite TV presenter of the time Katie Boyle, while the commentary was provided by David Vine. On BBC Radio 1 and 2 Terry Wogan provided the commentary to the delight of radio listeners across the land.

The Radio Times got in on the action with a feature on previous entrants and  any advice they could offer Olivia.

Olivia however; already had a game plan of her own. Olivia told Radio Times: "I won't think about how many people are watching, in case it makes me nervous." She continued: " All I can do is my best. I'll just try and be myself."

There was also a chart of the songs on page 16 of Radio Times so viewers could do their own scoring at home.

Radio Billing for
Eurovision broadcast
on BBC Radio's 1 and 2
Olivia's entry seemed to have no more competition than any other entry usually would, but ever-hungry for a win and staging the event, the British expectations were high.  That is, until a group from Sweden called ABBA got onto the stage and belted out a song about Napoleon Bonaparte at the battle of Waterloo. They won the contest, changing the course of their careers to become the most popular pop group of the 1970s.

Long Live Love ended up with 14 points and placed fourth with Luxembourg and Monaco.

Nevertheless; greater things were still to come for Olivia Newton-John, her album Long Live Love was released featuring her beautiful recording of the song I Honestly Love You which proved to be a smash success in the USA.

Years later she'd achieve movie success in Grease and Xanadu  and changing her girl next door image for a slightly raunchier one scoring greater hits with Physical and A Little More Love.
Olivia Newton-John and friend on
Brighton Beach pictured in Radio Times
  • Do you have any radio or television recordings from this or any other years of the Eurovision Song Contest? If so I'd be delighted to hear from you for a future blog post. I'm particularly looking for any recordings prior to 1985. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • For further information on Olivia Newton-John check out her official website

Saturday Superstore: Kelloggs All-Bran

Constipation sufferers no doubt rushed down to the local supermarket back in 1970 after seeing this advert.

"Constipation Sufferers should read this!" - the ad boldly proclaimed!

"I recommend All-Bran as the perfect breakfast cereal for good health and regularity" said Mr J Fraser of Dunfermline back in 1970. And he should know because he'd been eating it for 35 years.

I struggle to think how much cereal I've consumed in the last 35 years, though I doubt my loyalties to Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Weetabix of Special K have been as strong as Mr Fraser's has been to All-Bran.

No doubt Mr Fraser's incentive was kept up with a years supply of Kelloggs All-Bran after taking part in this advertisement that appeared in My Weekly in 1970!

Friday, 13 May 2011

What I'm Listening To: The Navy Lark

The Navy Lark Volume 23
Have been listening to more Audio Comedy this week courtesy of AudioGo in the form of Lawrie Wyman's classic Naval Sit-com - The Navy Lark.

The Navy Lark by Lawrie Wyman and produced by Alastair Scott Johnston ran on BBC Radio for over 17 years and is still fondly remembered today with reruns on BBC Radio 4 Extra and  regular CD releases from AudioGo.

The latest release The Navy Lark: Volume 23 - A Fishy Business has recently been released and features four new to CD classic show recorded between 1966 and 1968.

You can read my review of The Navy Lark: Volume 23 - A Fishy Business on Suite101 now.

The Navy Lark: A Fishy Business Review Now Online

The Navy Lark Volume 23
Before he was Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee was a well known comedian whose most prominent work was probably his regular role in BBC Radio's Naval sitcom The Navy Lark.

As well as Jon Pertwee the series also featured Leslie Phillips, Ronnie Barker, Stephen Murray, Richard Caldicot, Michael Bates, Tenniel Evans and Heather Chasen.

The Navy Lark by Lawrie Wyman and produced by Alastair Scott Johnston ran on BBC Radio for over 17 years and is still fondly remembered today with reruns on BBC Radio 4 Extra and  regular CD releases from AudioGo.

The latest release The Navy Lark: Volume 23 - A Fishy Business has recently been released and features four new to CD classic show recorded between 1966 and 1968.

You can read my review of The Navy Lark: Volume 23 - A Fishy Business on Suite101 now.

Badge Friday: Doctor Who Badge - Tom Baker (2)

Doctor Who Badge - 1980
Here's the second of several of my Doctor Who badges featuring the fourth actor to play The Doctor - Tom Baker.

Like the others this was manufactured and sold by Denis Alan Print around 1980.

I'm not sure if these were the earliest badges produced to feature Doctor Who.

Anybody else got vintage Doctor Who badges out there?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Goon's Do The Indigestion Waltz On AudioGO!

The Goon Show Volume 28:
The Indigestion Waltz - AudioGO
AudioGO have recently released The Goon Show Volume 28: The Indigestion Waltz on Compact Disc starring Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe.

The CD comprises four episodes from the 8th radio series broadcast in 1957 featuring 'The Great Regent’s Park Swim'  'The Space Age', 'The Policy' and ’The Stolen Postman'.

You can buy The release on compact disc or as a download

Check out my review for 
The Goon Show Volume 28: The Indigestion Waltz on Suite101 here.

What I'm Listening To: The Goon Show 28

The Goon Show Volume 28:
The Indigestion Waltz - AudioGo
AudioGo have recently released The Goon Show Volume 28: The Indigestion Waltz on Compact Disc starring Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe.

The CD comprises four episodes from the 8th radio series broadcast in 1957 featuring 'The Great Regent’s Park Swim'  'The Space Age', 'The Policy' and ’The Stolen Postman'.

It's been certainly tickling my funny bone over the last few days, only really discovering The Goons in recent times I look forward to listening to many more of these shows in the coming weeks!

Check out my review for The Goon Show Volume 28: The Indigestion Waltz on Suite101 here.

Wordless Wednesday: Early 1900s (17)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Celebrities Launch New Laurel and Hardy Artwork

Jeffrey Holland and Judy Buxton unveil the new banner
Here's some news of some excellent artwork from artist Steve Lilly who has produced many great pieces in recent years:

The Southend branch of the Sons of the Desert (the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society), were proud to launch their new banner created by Great Barr artist Steve Lilly on Sunday 10th April 2011. Instead of their normal monthly gathering, a rather special meeting was conducted to honour the memory of Norman Wisdom.

The Saps At Sea Tent, the Southend branch of the Sons of the Desert (the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society), were proud to launch their new banner on Sunday 10th April 2011. Instead of their normal monthly meeting featuring classic and rare film and clips of the comedy duo, the Saps had arranged a rather special meeting to honour the memory of Norman Wisdom.

Norman was starting his career in the 1950’s when Laurel & Hardy were touring in the UK They saw him performing on several occasions and were very impressed with the young comedian. The special guests at the fun evening in Southend, were Jacqueline Wisdom (Norman’s daughter), Steve Evans (his chauffeur), Michael Leader (from EastEnders) and husband and wife stars on stage and TV Jeffrey Holland (Spike from Hi-De-Hi) and Judy Buxton (Leonard Rossiter’s girlfriend in Rising Damp). The star-studded guests attracted a full house of 90 and the fun evening raised £400 for Abbotswood Nursing Home on the Isle of Man, where Norman spent his last few years.
Steve Lilly Captures The Spirit Of Laurel and Hardy
Steve's work is now becoming very collectable with many of his originals works in private collections. His order book for commissions and events is stretching into next year. He has just signed an exclusive merchandising contract with the Dad's Army Museum in Thetford.

The official Laurel and Hardy Museum and the official On the Buses fan club are stocking Steve’s limited edition prints, mugs and collectors cards. He also has strong links with the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society, the Birmingham Comedy Festival and numerous other comedy related groups and fan clubs. Further a-field Steve’s rendition of Boris Karloff in the guise of Frankenstein’s Monster has the honour of a place in the official Karloff gallery run by direct descendants of the great actor.

Check out Steve's full range of artwork and prints at his official website!

Classic TV Repeated: Doctor Who - The Hand Of Fear on BBC Four

Elisabeth Sladen's final regular Doctor Who adventure - The Hand Of Fear from 1976 and starring Tom Baker as The Doctor gets a repeat on BBC Four tonight from 19:40, when the first two episodes will be broadcast.

The final two episodes will conclude on Tuesday evening.

Preceeding Doctor Who at 19:30 will be a repeat of the animation Noggin The Nog as part of their Icelandic season.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday Superstore: Kodak 'Instamatic' X Cameras

Kodak Advert - Radio Times, 1970
Here's a Kodak 'Instamatic' camera - the leader in domestic photography back in November 1970. The camera didn't need a battery for its flash because the flash worked all on its own!

It also had a warning signal in the viewfinder to tell you when to change flashcubes, except the flashcubes themselves cost a small fortune, nevertheless it was cutting edge for its time.

Digital photography? - We don't know we're born!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Badge Friday: Shell Universal Farm Oil

Shell Universal Farm Oil Badge - 1980s
This badge originates from the days when I was working for a Shell Oil Distributor in Catterick, North Yorkshire. In fact its probably older than when I got it (1988) as I saved it from going into a dustbin when an old drawer was being cleared out by my then boss.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Those Radio Times: Henry Cooper 1934 - 2011

Sportsnight With Coleman - November 11th 1970
The passing of Sir Henry Cooper last weekend was a sad moment for anyone with an interest in sport.

Sir Henry was a lot more than a boxing legend.

He always came across as a true gentleman in his TV appearances and continued to be loved by the British Public for years after retiring from boxing be it advertising in the famous Brut aftershave adverts or appearing on A Question Of Sport.

Of course his most famous moment was undoubtedly knocking down Cassius Clay on June 18th 1963, however; that was only one of many successes. His last was regaining his European title on Tuesday November 10th 1970 with a ninth round TKO victory over Spain's Jose Manuel Urtain at Wembley's Empire Pool, London.

The build up to this particular fight was covered in  Radio Times (Dated: 5 November 1970) when promoter Harry Levene revealed the fight was the toughest bout of his career to get staged in England as Urtain had messed him about more than any boxer before.  Urtain had been labelled the worst and luckiest boxer to be king of Europe's Heavyweights. 

Ron Wills Radio Times article promised 27 year old  Urtain was in for a hiding now class fighter Henry Cooper had caught up with him. He wasn't wrong!

The Big Fight went out live on BBC Radio 1 and 2 on November 10 at 9.30pm with commentary by Simon Smith from the ringside and inter round summaries by Fred Verlander.

The fight was shown on BBC 1 the following night on
Sportsnight with Coleman at 9.20pm in Colour, this time with commentary by Harry Carpenter.

As a small tribute to Henry Cooper, I've included the feature that accompanied this fight from Radio Times dated November 5 1970.


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