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Those Radio Times: BBC Radio and TV Highlights - 21 May 1972

Peter Fluck and Tony Evans reunite
The Beatles for the cover of Radio Times
in 1972 
“Where are The Beatles?” asked Radio Times   in the edition dated 20-26 May 1972. 

The world’s best known pop group was by now becoming a distant memory and with John, Paul, George and Ringo riding high in the charts with successful solo careers, the BBC took the opportunity to plunder their archives and put together a definitive documentary series entitled The Beatles Story on the Fab Four.

BBC radio presenter Brian Matthew hosted this thirteen part series which began on Sunday 21 May 1972 at 5pm on BBC Radio 1 and 2 sandwiched between two halves of Alan Freeman presenting Pick of the Pops.

No series had probably been done on The Beatles before but it would be the first of many. A repeat on BBC 6 Music last year revealed there were a few errors in The Beatles history, but in all fairness these have only been uncovered by further meticulous research undertaken in the decades since The Beatles Story was broadcast and the original still makes enjoyable listening even if it sounds more of a timepiece itself.

Sunday afternoon was a great afternoon for comedy too, earlier at 2.2pm on Radio 2 following Family Favourites listeners could tune in to another edition of The Navy Lark starring Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips and Stephen Murray. 

This week’s episode Hypnotised sees Captain Povey seeking help from Pertwee’s mystical Aunt Madam Alvera (June Whitfield) to hypnotise Mrs Povey.

Following The Navy Lark at 2.32pm Jimmy Clitheroe returned for the first of what would prove to be the final series of The Clitheroe Kid entitled My Great Aunt’s Great. 

If you missed either shows The Navy Lark would get a repeat on Monday evening and The Clitheroe kid on Friday.

BBC Television Highlights For 21 May 1972

On BBC1 that day Raymond Baxter introduced an Air Spectacular on BBC1 at 7.25 from Biggin Hill, there was a splendid piece of artwork to illustrate this from cartoonist Frank Bellamy in Radio Times and no doubt the programme itself was equally impressive!.

The late film after the news was The Counterfeit Traitor starring William Holden, Lilli Palmer and Hugh Griffith.

Ian Hendry starred in part 5 with Wanda Ventham in The Lotus Eaters over on BBC2 at 10.25pm while Sunday night viewing closed taking a last look of the week courtesy of Kenny Everett, Humphrey Lyttleton, Roger McGough, John Wells and William Rushton in Up Sunday at 11.20pm

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