Friday, 10 June 2011

10 Things - 10 Happy Mobile Moments

"On Your Marks... For Ten Things!"
I'm always clicking away on my mobile phone when I'm out and about with the children. Inspired by Rachel's suggestion to take part in Shimelle's ten things for the 10th of the month; I thought I'd share 10 happy mobile moments I've caught over the last few weeks featuring our children, Seren, Jon and Tom who never cease to bring a smile to my face!
Doughnut Time in Bridgend
Thomas at Duffryn Park
Seren at Duffryn Park
Jonathan trying out a Fire Engine in Cardiff Bay Swimming Pool
Jonathan Turns The Wheel in Tredegar Gardens
Tom, Seren and Jon
Playing For The Camera In Bridgend
Sharing A Drink in Starbucks
Thomas With His Brainy Spectacles


  1. Those are happy pictures! Looks like a fun month.

  2. Hi Andy. Your children are precious. They look very happy, and I can see why they make you so.

  3. What a fun way to capture the fun you have together. Almost like a gratitude list!

  4. A great way to capture your children while you are out and about.

  5. cute kids and so good to see a guy blogging and joining in with Shimelle, hope to see you again

  6. Cute photos! Very cute kids. Love the donut one.

  7. Great shots. It looks like they've had a fun filled few weeks.

  8. Cool idea, cute kids. Photos on mobile, love them. The first gent I stumbled upon, welcome. I'm glad I did include gents on my post, whew!

  9. Thanks for all your comments! - I have 10 now which is a bit of a record for this blog - and thats 1o within 10 things - awesome!

  10. What fantastic memories you have in your phone. Wish such things had existed when my children were the same age! I love your photos - no wonder they make you happy. So glad you joined Shimelle's blog hop! J x



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