Friday, 10 June 2011

Badge Friday: Bananarama

Bananarama Badge - 1988
One of the first chart singles I went out and bought when I started buying records regularly back in the 80s was Robert De Niro's Waiting... by Bananarama.

For reasons best known to a teenage boy in the mid 80s they were the best girl band in existence until The Bangles showed up and proved that they could sing as well as play their own instruments.

Also I wrote to Keren Woodward twice in the vain hope I might at least get a signed photo back - I'm still waiting!

I was crushed even further when I saw a geeky guy (yes - even geekier than me) holding his collection of Bananarama albums on a TV show a while later all allegedly signed by Keren, Sarah and Siobhan, or maybe he faked them?

My devotion to top Banana Keren Woodward (who by now was falling by the wayside for my devotion to Madonna) had even more competition in the face of Bangle Susannah Hoffs.

I must have still liked Bananarama enough to pick up this badge around 1987 (which features Siobhan Fahey's replacement Jacqui O 'Sullivan).

Bananarama? I still listen to their records though not as much as I did back in the 80s - maybe its because they never answered my fan letters!

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  1. The Bananas seemed like a bunch of young women out to have fun and I think their music had a real "feel good vibe". "Cruel Summer" was my ultimate favourite. I was stunned when Siobhan Fahey transformed herself into one half of sophisticated new pop duo Shakespear's Sister in 1989.



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