Friday, 3 June 2011

Badge Friday: Doctor Who Badge: Logo 1970s

Dr Who Badge - 1970s
At school I was a bit of an easy target for other kids who wanted to offload their old Doctor Who memorabilia onto me for a few extra pence.

I remember buying this excellent diamond logo badge off one classmate along with a tape damaged Tom Baker postcard for 10p.

I think he got both items from the Blackpool Exhibition in the late 70s and as you can see I think I got a bargain with the badge alone which features my favourite logo from the classic series.

Incidentally the current series of Doctor Who has it's mid season cliffhanger this Saturday - don't miss it!


  1. I remember avidly collecting Dr Who goodies out of Weetabix packets - stand-up characters - and there were various settings on the back of the boxes... simple pleasures...

  2. I still have a few Weetabix goodies kicking around - I'll try and feature them in a future post - though its heartbreaking as I did at one time have the whole set!



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