Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dancing in Gwyl Plant Cymru

Seren dancing as the boys look on!
This morning Seren's school took part in Gwyl Plant Cymru, a non-competitive dance festival.

Seren, her classmates and her teachers seemed to have a brilliant time when getting involved with the dancing (as did Rachel when she turned up after her swimming teaching classes!).

As the morning progressed the boys insisted on visiting the adjoining park to the leisure centre where the festival was held. This was good until both Jon and Tom took a tumble off the park roundabout!

The cartoon I've drawn shows Seren dancing happily while the boys feeling slightly cheesed off after their recent tumble looking on. Both expressions on their faces were doctored afterwards. Jon didn't like his sad expression so I changed it to awestruck and Tom decided he would change his own expression just for the sake of it!

Hopefully Jon will be feeling slightly refreshed after his afternoon nap!

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