Friday, 17 June 2011

Ealing Comedy Classic The Titfield Thunderbolt Takes To The Stage

Newport Playgoers Presentation
of The Titfield Thunderbolt

Photo by Phil Mansell
There's always something quite magical about those old Ealing comedies, even watching them as a child in the 70s they seemed like they'd been made many years before. They had, but they are no further away to me now in 2011 as they were back then.

I was quite excited this week when the first Ealing technicolour feature, The Titfield Thunderbolt was put on by the Newport Playgoers for the stage at The Dolman Theatre, Newport.

Featuring a sterling cast playing multiple roles, my full review of the production is featured here: Comedy Classic The Titfield Thunderbolt celebrated on Stage

The Titfield Thunderbolt continues at Newport's Dolman Theatre until Saturday.

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