Sunday, 12 June 2011

Random Radio Jottings and Other Gubbins: Still A Special Agent

Dick Barton - Special Agent
Random radio jottings and other gubbins: Still A Special Agent: "Before Bond there was Barton. But not for Barton the playboy image and licence to kill; his was a Boy’s Own Adventure world..."

Regular readers of this blog will know I've sung the praises of the post -war hero Dick Barton-Special Agent in several recent posts.

It's great therefore to see Andy Walmsley has written the first of a two part feature on Dick over at  Random Radio Jottings as well as included a documentary from 1990 featuring interviews with the three actors who originally played Barton on radio!

Check out the site also for other nuggets of radio information including You, The Night And The Music, Quote-UnQuote and The News Huddlines all illustrated with sound bytes, clips and Radio Times illustrations from bygone eras!

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