Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Superstore: Kelloggs Frosties Tonka Toy Promotion

Kelloggs Frosties 
Promotion, TV Comic, 1972
"They're Grrreat!" proclaimed Tony The Tiger on every Kelloggs Frosties Advert that I can remember from the 1970s.

Indeed, if there was a cereal that was fun to eat and had some personality to it - it was Frosties (closely followed by Snap Crackle and Pop for Rice Krispies).

If we were allowed any cereal in our home,  it was usually Corn Flakes. "Frosties are just Corn Flakes with sugar on them" my mother would argue "and they're more expensive". I would usually disagree and still would.

This advert from 1972 promotes special packs of Frosties in which you could win one of 501 Tonka Toy Sets (where did they get the 1 from?).

"they're made from heavy-gauge steel just like Dad's car" boasted the presumptuous advert, "...and their tyres are guaranteed for life!". That might be so. My brother later owned a blue Tonka truck, after he threw it down the stairs all that was left were the tyres...

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