Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Newport Scenes: Newport Wetlands

A panoramic view at Newport Wetlands
Following a few weeks break I'm resuming my Wordless Wednesday posts on Online Scribblings but this time with photos from my life rather than vintage ones from the past. Anyway because we've had a bit of a wet day I thought I'd remind myself today of a brighter day around a month ago!
Having Fun!
Back on June 6, following Seren's suggestion, Rachel, Seren, Jon, Tom and myself spent a very pleasant afternoon out at The Newport Wetlands. A calm, tranquil, place there was plenty to do and see!

With one of the infamous Newport dragons!
Newport Wetlands Lighthouse
Panoramic view that the Lighthouse Overlooks at The Newport Wetlands
"Ahoy There!"
Lots of insects and wildlife to look out for!


  1. Hi Andy
    Would you care to register with my Wordpress Blog please? Can be found at

    Love this blog keep scribbling my friend


    Mark Goodwin

  2. Thankyou Mark! And I love your blogs too, great pictures and some fantastic musical memories!



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