Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Vintage Doctor Who Scrapbook Pages

The First Page of my first ever
 Doctor Who scrapbook - Notice my "Doctor" typo!
Here's a post from my Retrospace blog sharing my memories of watching the adventure "Destiny Of The Daleks" back in 1979 with a few scans from a tatty old scrapbook I rediscovered and a brief look at the same story now on DVD: Retro DVD Review: Doctor Who Destiny Of The Daleks

I was inspired to put this piece together as I remember my enthusiasm for Doctor Who been accelerated at the time by the launch of Doctor Who Weekly (nowadays Doctor Who Magazine), I also took it upon myself at the time to start culling Doctor Who items from newspapers and magazines for a scrapbook.
A slightly more interesting page here with a delightful
Radio Times caricature of Tom Baker
My scrapbooks ran over a few years and were fairly tenuous to start with. For instance a person only had to have featured in Doctor Who to get in the book which is why I have a few pics of Mary Tamm in Return Of The Saint, Louise Jameson in The Odessa File and Elisabeth Sladen in some largely forgotten pre-school ITV children's lunchtime show.

An attempt at trying to list the companions of
the first four Doctors accompanied by some
tenuous link images of three Doctor Who actresses
I've reproduced a couple of the pages here - you'll notice I spelt Doctor wrong on the front page of the book - still I was 11 at the time and keen to get my interest on Doctor Who together...

I've featured a cutting from The Northern Echo in my Destiny Of The Daleks post (cleaned up a bit) I'll attempt to do this with some of the other cuttings in coming weeks!

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