Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday Superstore: Grundig Melody Boy

Grundig Melody Boy - Radio Times, July 1975
The days of whistling airwaves and your favourite radio stations fading in and out seem a distant memory in these days of digital radio but were an all to frequent occurrence back in the 1970s.

"Ask it of a Grundig and You shall recieve!" promised this advert and recieve radio stations we did!

Praise Grundig!

The Grundig Melody Boy (as featured in  Radio Times this week in 1975) promised a full and richer sound even if you were up in a mountain or deep in a concrete jungle, in fact it would more likely be the latter and Radio Luxembourg would still fade out during your favourite show on Sunday evening!
  • If anyone's Grundig Melody Boy is still operational I'd love to see some pics of this fine looking radio and maybe you have a few comments about what you listened to on it?

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