Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday Superstore: Nestle Tom and Jerry Chocolate Bar

Nestle Tom and Jerry Chocolate Bar - TV Comic 1975
Before they were hunted down for been politically incorrect and accused of influencing children of bashing each others brains out with frying pans, Tom and Jerry were frequent saviours of BBC Television in the 1970s when requiring a five minute filler between under running sports and news programmes.

I probably watched more Tom and Jerry between 1970 and 1982 than any reruns of Dad's Army and Doctor Who on TV, Video or DVD since.  When Tom and Jerry weren't on the TV I could catch their adventures in an old annual I had (1973 I believe) and every week in TV Comic, in fact they even had a short lived weekly comic of their own.

My best iems of Tom and Jerry memorabilia were a Jack In The Box that played Pop Goes The Weasel and Tom popped out of it every time the tune reached "Pop" and a Give-A Show Projector from Chad Valley which allowed you to push slides through and show a slide film on your living room wall.

Anyhow the nature of this post is to talk about the retro ad featured (as regular readers know) and this ad from 1975 features one of Tom and Jerry's rare trips into confectionery, a chocolate bar made up of half milk and half white chocolate. An image of Tom embossed into the milk side while Jerry took over the White portion.

I seem to remember this one been consumed quite rapidly - but then again all chocolate was! Another item which seemed to hang around a lot longer was a Tom and Jerry nougat bar, I remember that one been incredibly pink, thick and sticky and I don't think I ever finished one.

My Grandad would send me the nougat bar in a weekly sweet parcel as he owned a shop - if anyone has an example or scan of the Tom and Jerry Nougat bar, be it an advert or a wrapper or any other Tom and Jerry memorabilia - I'd love to hear from you!

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