Sunday, 17 July 2011

Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio and TV for 17 July 1975)

Radio Times - Peter Brookes Artwork 1975
Here in 2011, its merely a week after the final phase of the current U.S. Space programme, Atlantis, entered the sky.

Atlantis' coverage here in Great Britain was confined to a bit of a whimper on the BBC News 24 channel, thanks to  the News International scandal - however such coverage of the space programmes was much greater on BBC TV and Radio back in the 60s and 70s.

For instance, today in 1975, astronauts from America and Russia were to meet in space for the first time as the Apollo / Soyuz spacecrafts would dock together following their separate launches from Baikonur launch complex in the USSR and the Kennedy Space Centre In the USA.

Both BBC Television and Radio were following this event with keen interest. Special editions of Newsround Extra fronted by John Craven (BBC1, 4.40pm) and Apollo/ Soyuz presented by James Burke (BBC1, 7.50pm) were scheduled on Television.

On radio, updates of the event even interrupted David Hamilton's afternoon show, preceeded Sam Costa's show and even  Folkweave took an inter-stellar diversion in the evening to cover the mission.

In between the Space excitement today in 1975, television viewers could catch A Question Of Sport presented by David Vine  with Henry Cooper and Cliff Morgan at 6.45pm followed by Dave Lee Travis presenting Top Of The Pops at 7.15pm.

Top Of The Pops today featured the Bay City Rollers at Number One with their final chart topper Give A little Love.

Back to radio  and the greatest comedy double act Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise fronted a repeat of The Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise Show at 12.27pm on Radio 4.

Scripted by their TV writer Eddie Braben, the format of this series was similar to the TV Version and in some cases several TV sketches were adapted for radio.

The comedy duo's singing guest today was the wonderful Anita Harris, a regular fixture of TV and radio in the early 70s. 

Anita would frequently appear on magician David Nixon's TV shows and is perhaps now best remembered for her role as a nurse in Carry On Doctor! However, she was also a successful singer scoring a hit with Just Loving You in the 1960s and usually a bright and glamourous addition to any TV entertainment show.

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