Thursday, 11 August 2011

Left Hand Down A Bit... The Navy Lark Reviewed!

The Navy Lark Series Six: Volume 2 - AudioGo
Reviewing several of AudioGo's titles recently  has allowed me to rediscover some comedy classics I've not heard for a while, The Navy Lark which broadcast on BBC Radio between 1959 and 1977 falls into this bracket.

I was told by my mother once that my Great Grandfather used to listen to this show every Sunday, so it makes me chuckle to think I've probably heard some of the same shows some fifty years later...

I've only heard a clutch of episodes on radio and cassette over the years so its actually a joy to hear many of these recordings for the first time particularly as the series  features three of my favourite comedy actors, Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips and Ronnie Barker.

I've reviewed two CD's in the series recently currently available from AudioGo, for full reviews, check out my links below...

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