Monday, 8 August 2011

Mono Mondays: The Small Faces

With hits like All Or Nothing, Sha La La La Le and Whatcha Gonna Do About It  The Small Faces were a delightful fusion of mod music and rhythm n blues producing some of the most memorable hits from the British music scene in the 1960s.

The group, from East London were formed in 1965 consisting of actor turned vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott joined by Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones, and Jimmy Winston (who was succeeded by Ian McLaglan in 1966).

With a great guitar sound and Marriott's soulful vocals the band were signed to Decca Records before jumping to the Immediate label in 1967 where the bands style shifted from Rhythm N Blues to Psychedelia highlighted with hits such as Autumn Stone, Itchycoo Park and the classic Tin Soldier.

Their LP Ogden's Nut Gone Flake with contributions from gobbledegook comedian Stanley Unwin remains one of the most unusual concept albums of the late 60s but with its inclusion of the hit Lazy Sunday an undisputable classic.

The Small Faces evolved into The Faces in the late 60s as Marriott moved onto Humble Pie and Ronnie Wood joined the band along with vocalist Rod Stewart. Yet the bands influence continued throughout the decades that ensued, particularly noted in early tracks by 90s Britpoppers Blur such as Sunday Sunday and Parklife.

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