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Those Radio Times: BBC TV and Radio For 31 August,1974

Today in 1974, fans of Star Trek were rejoicing for the return of  a brand new series of their favourite show to the BBC1 Saturday evening schedules (BBC1, 5.10pm) but on this occasion the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise were going where no cartoon series had gone before!

The original series had pretty much already been cancelled when the BBC picked it up as a possible replacement for Doctor Who in 1969, and constant repeats of the series were pretty much standard by 1974.

So much was Star Trek's popularity that an animated series featuring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Deforest Kelley recreating the voices of Kirk, Spock and Bones was given a prime time schedule on early Saturday evening on BBC1's new Autumn schedule.

From memory I recall been equally as unexcited about this cartoon version as I was of the original live action show, though I'm sure many Trekkies loved it...

Later on in the evening Cliff Richard hosted his own music show It's Cliff Richard (BBC1, 8.15pm), this is a series I'd love to see again though I understand not many still exist.

From what I remember there was generally much in the way of sketches and music, very much in the same style of shows presented by other stars of the day including Cilla Black, Lulu, and Englebert Humperdinck.

Cliff's guests on this weeks show included former New Seeker Lyn Paul, The Nolan Sisters and comedy actor Roy Kinnear.

Finally, if its late night chat you wanted Michael Parkinson was on hand to finish off Saturday nights schedule with the first in a new series. I was obviously way too young to see Parkinson (BBC1, 11.0pm) but as a child you generally used to hear about it from your parents the following day.

Michael Parkinson always attracted a fine calibre of guests on his show from Peter Sellers to Peter Ustinov, via Kenneth Williams, Morecambe and wise and Rod Hull and Emu, well maybe not so much the latter. However, Emu's appearance on Parkinson was one of the frequently repeated clips on Children's TV (somewhat edited for those of us who couldn't stay up to see it).

BBC Radio Highlights For August 31st 1974

There was some great comedy on BBC  today in 1974.

Bob Monkhouse hosted Mostly Monkhouse at (BBC R2, 1.2pm) with Hugh Paddick and Patricia Hayes. In this weeks edition Bob and the gang went in search of the first joke...

Lovers of comedy may have been slightly miffed however as Mostly Monkhouse clashed with a radio celebration of Peter Sellers (BBC R4, 1.15pm), mind you Mostly Monkhouse was repeated on Sunday at 7.2pm - did anyone happen to tape either of these shows?

Evening highlights held a bit of a radio clash around 7pm.

While Les Dawson invited you to Listen To Les (BBC R2, 7.2pm) in a repeat of the previous Sunday's programme, Procul Harum featured In Concert  (BBC R1, 6.30pm)  and Ornithologist, Phyllis Barclay Smith was Roy Plomley's castaway on Desert Island Discs (BBC R4, 7.2pm).

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