Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Those Radio Times! : Ricochet

Here's a great cartoon illustration which became a regular feature in the Radio Times when BBC Radio 2 launched it's crime /drama radio series Ricochet in 1974.

Starring  popular TV actor Ray Barrett as Fleet Street investigative journalist Rick O' Shea turned crime fighter this drama series caught audiences imaginations for three years.

The theme music was provided by Norrie Paramor who for many years held the record of producing the most number one singles in the UK.

Ricochet was broadcast twice on BBC Radio 2 every weekday at 10.45pm in the evening with a repeat the following day at 1.45pm.

I'd love to know a bit more about this series.

Do you have any recordings of episodes, features, articles or further Radio Times cartoons? If so, please get in touch!


  1. I’d love to hear part of this series too. The Radio Times regularly printed a weekly cartoon for the series, I’ll send you some.

    I remember Ray Barrett best as providing the voices on Stingray and Thunderbirds. In fact there’s an episode of Thunderbirds called Ricochet that features a DJ called Rick O’Shea played by Ray Barrett – he had been a DJ back in his native Australia. One assumes the inspiration for this came from the pirate radio stations on air at the time the episode was written.

    One wonders if more than one theme was used. The Radio Times refers to a version by Norrie Paramor but on the Girl in a Suitcase CD the track Fasten Seat Belts by Gerhard Narholz is credited as being the theme for Ricochet. The same track was used as a sig tune by Pete Murray on Radio 2 when he moved from his daily Open House programme to present a Saturday and Sunday mid-morning show in 1980.

  2. The Pete Murray connection is very interesting - thanks Andy! I'm wondering if any of these actually survive as I'm sure either BBC 7 / Radio 4 Extra would have taken the opportunity to repeat them.

    It sounds like Ray Barrett had quite a colourful career - he even turned up in an early Doctor Who story as well...



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