Friday, 2 September 2011

Badge Friday: I Like Vikings

I Like Vikings Badge - 1980s
One of my secondary school trips in 1980/81 from The Wensleydale School in Leyburn, North Yorkshire was to the Coppergate Dig at The Jorvik Viking Centre  in York.

All I remember about the day was seeing lots of rain, mud and artefact's and picking up this delightful badge which declared "I Like Vikings". There was also a trip to the Railway museum and an hour to do some shopping which I seem to remember wasting looking for WH Smiths...

Back to the badge...

I actually wore it for years afterwards and always got the occasional grimace from people who queried it...

I lived in York for two years in the early 90s but never actually returned to the Jorvik Viking Centre, and I probably walked past it most days... anyway it's still going - why not pay the website a visit to find out more about it!


  1. Smiths in Coney Street is what you needed. I worked in York for 6 years. As a kid I always liked the Castle Museum and the recreations of old streets and shops.

  2. Yes indeed - Smiths in Coney Street became a regular haunt when I was a student in York in the early 90s as did Track records, HMV etc though I recall having very little money at that time to spend on anything! LOL



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