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Press To Play: Helen Shapiro - 25th Anniversary Album

Helen Shapiro - 25th Anniversary Album
Music For Pleasure 1986
It was my 18th Birthday in 1986 when I picked up Helen Shapiro's 25th Anniversary Album on Cassette and funnily enough I just realised it was 25 years ago this year I bought this tape!

My mum had a few of Helen's singles from the early 60s in her collection so I was quite familiar with Helen's material when I bought the album.

At the time Helen was celebrating 25 years in show business and had recently landed a role in the ITV soap Albion Market. No doubt some shrewd executive at EMI's budget label Music For Pleasure spotted the opportunity to shove out a compilation of Helen's early material and a neat compilation it was too!

Besides the obvious hits there's some neat rarities on this release. She Needs Company was a song written by Manfred Mann's Paul Jones which featured on his 1966 solo album My Way. Helen covered She Needs Company in 1967 and featured another great track on the B Side Stop And You Will Become Aware.

Other rarities include Look Who It Is (of which she performed on TV back in 1963 with none other than 3 Beatles!) , Woe Is Me (a real rocker) and her version of Fever.

This cassette transferred reasonably well, most of the tracks are in Mono while some are in Stereo.

Helen Shapiro: 25th Anniversary Album
MFP 41 5741 4 Mono/Stereo*, 1986
  1. Walkin' Back to Happiness*
  2. Keep Away From Other Girls*
  3. Basin Street Blues*
  4. Don't Treat Me Like A Child
  5. It's My Party
  6. Little Miss Lonely*
  7. She Needs Company
  8. Stop And You Will Become Aware
  9. Something Wonderful (From The King And I)
  10. Tell Me What He Said
  11. Fever
  12. You Don't Know
  13. Look Who It Is
  14. St Louis Blues*
  15. In My Calendar
  16. Lets Talk About Love
  17. Woe Is Me
  18. Queen For Tonight
  19. Here In Your Arms
  20. The Birth Of The Blues*

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