Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday Superstore: Jimmy Edwards and Imperial Cigars

Imperial Cigars Advertisement
Radio Times, 1974
Okay, I'm not sanctioning anyone who reads this should take up smoking, but I thought some of you retro fans out there might enjoy this advert from September 1974 featuring 50s radio star, TV personality and script-writer Jimmy Edwards advertising his favourite brand of cigars called Imperial.

Like celebrities so readily become the face of many products in 2011, male celebrities readily gave their services for popular cigar brands back in the 1970s!

'...basically a cigar is something I relax with, after a game, in the pub, that sort of thing. Imperials I enjoy they're suitably mellow, they hold together well. Splendid!' said Jim in the advert; which shows him after a game with some nicely placed horses in the background.

The quote used in the advert seems to originate from a conversation Jimmy  had in a pub (no doubt with a shrewd business executive from Imperial Cigars) in July 1973. I should think Jimmy was shrewd enough to negotiate a years supply of them before he became the face (and whiskers) of Imperial Cigars!

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