Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday Superstore : The Kenwood Chef (1969)

Kenwood Chef Advert 1969 - Radio Times
The September 4 1969 edition of The Radio Times boasted an advert for the new Kenwood Chef.

Kitchen saviour of the 70s, Kenwood Chef did everything for the housewife in the kitchen that Kenwood felt she shouldn’t have to do. 

This included mixing cakes and pastries, kneading dough, peeling spuds and carrots, shredding, grinding coffee, squeezing lemons, grating cheese, chopping nuts, parsley, mint, fizzing up crazy drinks.

The Kenwood Chef ultimately made the housewife redundant, paving the way to free her time up to do other things like go to work, night school, run countries or just become bored and frustrated around the home. 

And you thought the milkman was to blame for the high divorce rates since the 70s? 

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