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Those Radio Times! (BBC TV and Radio Selections For 7 September 1969)

On Sunday 7 September 1969, the black and white TV set flickered a great line-up of television programmes into the average British living room...

Today's film choices included The Imperfect Lady (BBC1, 2.21pm) starring Ray Millard, Teresa Wright, Anthony Quinn and Cedric Hardwicke.

Later on, a new series of more recent movies began when British Film Night broadcast 1962's The L Shaped Room, directed by Brian Forbes and starring Tom Bell, Leslie Caron and Brock Peters, modern times indeed!

Sunday Afternoon Serial Was Dombey and Son

A vital ingredient to Sunday schedules in 1969 was the classic serial. Part 4 of Charles Dickens' Dombey and Son (BBC1, 5.30pm)  featured amongst others William Moore, Pat Coombs, Hilda Braid and Twiggy!

Lee Montague starred in the first of a new Sunday evening drama series entitled Detective (BBC1, 7.25pm). Montague had played his fair share of Policemen and villains over the years and told Radio Times: "I've been a criminal in most parts of the world.... but I've got a lot of sympathy for Policemen". Detective also featured Philip Madoc, Joe Melia and Alan Tilvern.

The BBC's flagship documentary series Omnibus (BBC1, 10.25pm) profiled the first promenader Sir Henry Wood rounding off a days television on BBC1.

BBC Radio for 7 September 1969 Started With Robin Boyle

On the radio, Robin Boyle started the day with Sunday Special (BBC R1 & R2, 7.0am), music featured the Don Reeve Sound and The Mexicans. This was followed by Ed Stewart who  took over the airwaves with younger listeners requests in Junior Choice (BBC R1 & R2, 9.0am).

There was comedy with I'm Sorry If You've Heard This Before (BBC R4, 12.30pm) a repeat of an award winning instance of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again which had previously been broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on June 9, 1968.

A spin-off from Radio's successful The Navy Lark written by series creator Lawrie Wyman entitled The Big Business Lark (BBC R2, 2.0pm) also kept the laughs coming. Starring Jimmy Edwards and Frank Thornton  The Big Business Lark chronicled life in and around the higher echelons of British United Plastics.

Peter Haigh presented Movie-Go-Round (BBC R2, 4.15pm) featuring interviews with Edith Evans, Susan Hampshire and Ron Moody on the set of David Copperfield.

When Zager and Evans were Pick of The Pops

Ray Moore hosted a wealth of new talent in Stage One (BBC R1, 4.2pm), followed by Alan "Fluff" Freeman counting down the charts in Pick Of The Pops (BBC R1 & R2, 5pm) in which sitting at the top was Zager and Evans looking forward In The Year 2525.

The older generation may have re-tuned to Radio 4 around now as Malcolm Muggeridge recalled The 30s (BBC R4, 6.53pm) as the writer and critic revisited the decade with the recorded voices of Lord Reith, Ramsay McDonald and Noel Coward.

Following the chart countdown on Radio 1, John Peel presented Top Gear (BBC R1, 7pm) while over on Radio 2 there was lighter listening courtesy of The Adam Singers in Sing Something Simple (BBC R2, 7pm) which was a repeat from 8 December, 1968.

Stuart Henry was making Noise at Nine (BBC R1, 9pm) with all the latest tunes, while on Radio 2 there was Many a Slip  'twixt' Isobel Barnett, Eleanor Summerfield, David Nixon and Richard Murdoch participating in the parlour game chaired by Roy Plomley with tune twisters by Steve Race.

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  1. Radio 4's Many A Slip-always enjoyed that. One for Radio 4 Extra to repeat surely, assuming they have any.



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