Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Those Radio Times! : Cliff Morgan - Accent On Melody (1970)

Cliff Morgan pictured
in Radio Times, 1970
Today in 1970, former Welsh Rugby star Cliff Morgan took over Sam Costa's Radio 2 lunchtime show Accent On Melody for a three week run (BBC Radio 2, 12.1pm).

Cliff's broadcasting career began as far back as 1958 when he joined BBC Wales as Sports organiser. His talent  for programme making allowed him to diversify moving into television editing current affairs programmes such as This Week and producing sports programmes such as Grandstand and Sportsnight With Coleman.

Cliff also loaned his rugby expertise to the commentary box providing a celebrated narrative to the 1973 Barbarians rugby match against the All Blacks at Cardiff. "This is Gareth Edwards... a dramatic start... what a score!"

Cliff didn't consider himself  a natural broadcaster as he told Radio Times this week in 1970: "I couldn't be a disc jockey, I'm pedantic, slow and Welsh." "But I shall enjoy doing the programme because it's the music of my generation" he continued. Cliff confessed to being catholic in his musical tastes and having a liking to pop, Verdi, Ella Fitzgerald and sloppy romantic music.

Cliff's association with music wasn't short-lived as he went on to front These You Have Loved for many years.

Perhaps you have a recording of Cliff's stint on Accent On Melody or  other examples of his broadcasting career? - if so, please get in touch as I'd like to do a further feature on his work in a future post.

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