Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday Superstore: The Audio Club Of Great Britain

Audio Club Of Great Britain Ad -
Radio Times, 1972
Back in the early 1970s, record clubs were fast looking for customers via mail order, taking the stress out of going down to the local record shop and ordering the latest albums.

The World Record Club commandeered this market towards the end of the sixties re-releasing popular titles with new covers and boxed sets.

The Audio Club of Great Britain continued this trend and as this ad featured in  Radio Times this week in 1972 displays was keen to promote the new format of audio cassette.

This ad offers four titles for the price of one from the likes of Bert Kaempfert, James Last and Nana Mouskouri.

Pop fans had a choice of titles from Manfred Mann, Cream, The Bee Gees and Dusty Springfield, all slightly out of date by 1972 but no doubt in-keeping with the tastes of your average Radio Times reader...

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