Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday Superstore: Ferguson Colour Star TV (1974)

Ferguson Colour Star Advert -
Radio Times, 1974
By 1974, wherever you lived in the UK the chances are you knew someone who had, or owned a colour TV set yourself.

My family were just in the throes of renting one from Granada and seeing these not so “friendly” prices in Radio Times for a Ferguson Colour Star I can sort of understand why my parents opted to rent.

Ranging between £220 - £327 the prices to own your colour TV back in 1974 were still quite high in the times of three day weeks, strikes and sometimes very little on a box that only had three channels when it was on…

Still decades away from digital, new owners could depend on fine tuning with push buttons and slide controls for volume, brightness and contrast. 

However; the one button you really needed to know about was the vertical hold which always used to go on most sets with as much frequency as Sunday lunch. There was nothing worse than a rolling picture in the middle of movie matinee on a Sunday...

These TV’s may have been primitive by today's standards but they were hi-tech in the 70s and  we loved them!

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  1. Yes whatever happened to the vertical and horizontal hold buttons?



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