Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday Superstore: Michael Aspel and Encyclopedia Britannica

Would you buy a set of encyclopedia's of this man? Of course you would!

Michael Aspel was everybody's favourite TV personality back in 1970. While Mum's swooned over his laid back presentation of radio shows like Family Favourites, kids loved his children's programme Ask Aspel for the chance to see clips of their favourite TV shows again, and of course lets not forget his famous appearance on The Goodies a few years after this advert when he was famously pawwed by a giant kitten!

So no doubt Mike was the ideal choice to promote "the powerhouse of knowledge" Encyclopedia Britannica on the back of Radio Times. Yes, that set of highly educational books sitting up in your loft for 40 years unread, would no doubt have got you through your A Levels if you had ever taken the time to read them.

The advert also tells of a free no obligation record Mr.Aspel made to promote the collection telling of the benefits of buying Encyclopedia Britannica on one side and  a "highly entertaining quiz" on the other.

How many of you still have a copy of that among your 45s?

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