Monday, 31 October 2011

Those Radio Times: BBC's 50th Anniversary Radio Selections - October 31st 1972

Fifty Broadcasting Years - BBC Radio 4, Oct 31st 1972 - Radio Times
1972 was the year the BBC grandly celebrated its 50th anniversary and this week in that year the anniversary was celebrated both on radio and television through several different programmes.

Two shows on radio on October 31st 1972 celebrated that very anniversary.

Kent Walton introduced tracks from the BBC’s anniversary albums of dance music (BBC Radio 1 & 2, 9.15pm) in On The Air.

Meanwhile, Rene Cutforth presented the fifth and final part of Fifty Broadcasting Years (BBC Radio 4, 8.30pm), a magnificent look back of BBC archive recordings from Beatrice Harrison charming Nightingales in a forest on her cello in the 1920s via Alf Garnett, Monty Python, Tony Blackburn to the programmes that brought the BBC into the 1970s.

An edited version of Fifty Broadcasting Years featuring many important milestones was released as a BBC double LP in 1972 and even now makes rather grand listening with splendid narration from Rene Cutforth. I wonder if the entire series was retained.

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