Thursday, 13 October 2011

Those Radio Times! : Scrapbook for 1926 and Henry Hall

Alan Whicker observed a few years ago that nostalgia isn't what it used to be be, and to a degree he's right because this blog post on Those Radio Times this week is getting nostalgic about a nostalgia series.

The BBC's Scrapbook series frequently revisited bygone years through recollections and sound bytes of available archive recordings from its conception in the early years of BBC Radio right through to the 1970s where the series was frequently featured on BBC Radio 4 schedules.

Today in 1971, Michael Flanders opened up the Scrapbook for 1926 (BBC Radio4, 7.30pm) which was compiled and produced by John Bridges.

The episode entitled Aspirations and Aspirin looked at the Jazz Generation, The General Strike, The Bright Young Things, The BBC's First Charter, The Evacuation Of The Rhine, Technological Advances, Cobham's Australian Flight, England Winning The Ashes and songs, shows and tunes of the time with the recorded voices of Jack Buchanan, Sir Neville Cardus, Stuart Hibbard, Al Jolson and John Snagge among others.

Scrapbook was indeed The Rock N Roll Years before Rock N Roll Happened, if anyone has a recording of any edition of Scrapbook available for me to review - I'd love to hear from you.

The BBC were still nostalgic a year later in 1972, as part of their 50th anniversary they celebrated The Golden Age of Dance Bands (BBC Radio 2, 9.15pm) spotlighting the work of Henry Hall.

Again anyone with any recordings of this series or indeed Henry Hall, please get in touch!

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