Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ian Lavender "Salutes You, Sir!" On Radio 4 Extra

Ian Lavender as
Private Pike
As a tie in with this weekends Armistice and remembrance tributes BBC Radio 4 Extra are rebroadcasting Ian Lavender’s homage  to BBC Radio's comedies about the Armed Forces,  the three hour special Salutes You, Sir! - Forces Fun from the BBC.

The programme includes six classic BBC programmes including:

Merry-Go-Round - originally broadcast: 14/09/1945
ITMA - originally broadcast: 29/3/1945
Merry-Go-Round - originally broadcast: 08/08/1945
The Navy Lark: 'Mysterious Radio Signals' - originally broadcast: 06/06/1971
Merry-Go-Round - originally broadcast: 11/04/1945
Dad's Army: 'Sergeant, Save My Boy' - originally broadcast: 11/03/1975

The programme will be broadcast at 09.00 and again at 19:00.

Knights Of Madness on BBC Two

Also on BBC Two today at 18:30 in England, Northern Ireland, Wales only you can catch a rerun of the Dad’s Army episode Knights of Madness in which Captain Mainwaring and the platoon stage a battle of St George versus the dragon. 

This edition of Dad’s Army will be repeated in Scotland on November 18, 2011.

More information on Dad's Army Series 9

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