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Those Radio Times! (BBC Radio and TV Selections for November 15, 1977)

On my ongoing trawl through old editions of the Radio Times, I've handpicked a couple of BBC TV and Radio shows from Tuesday, November 15, 1977 which were highlighted by that weeks edition of the listings magazine or have a particular memory for me...

Paul Burnett (BBC Radio 1, 11.31am – 2.0pm)

A revamp of BBC Radio 1 in November 1977 meant that some weekday shows would now be longer than usual and that included Paul Burnett’s show.

Paul told the Radio Times
‘All these changes on Radio 1 will give us a better idea of where we are and who we are talking to, over the next few years. I think we’ll become more aggressive in the best sense of that word. After all, people shouldn’t forget we were concieved as an answer to the pirates. 
The extra half-hour won’t mean I’ll be changing my format too much. People say I should do more impersonations but I can’t just force them. Some days they come, some days I’d rather play the music.’
The Burkiss Way (BBC Radio 4, 6.30pm) 

This evening in 1977 the surreal comedy sketch show The Burkiss Way returned to the airwaves to look at the secret of dynamic living, starring Nigel Rees, Chris Emmett, Jo Kendall and Fred Harris.

The Burkiss Way’s Radio Times listings were usually as entertaining as the shows themselves playing around with the listing format and sometimes angling for more space this weeks RT been no exception. The show was repeated on Thursday at 12.27pm with the listing reflective of Radio Times no – nonsense brief approach.

Big John, Little John (BBC1, 5.10pm) 

TV today in 1977 included Big John, Little John an American comedy series about science teacher John Martin (Herb Edelman) who found himself continually reverting to a younger version of himself (Robbie Rist) following a drink from the “fountain of youth”. As entertaining as this series was no-one ever seemed to question the dissimilarities between Edelman and Rist.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum (BBC1, 8.0pm) 

Windsor Davies and Michael Bates starred in Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s war-time sit-com It Ain’t Half Hot Mum which this week featured The Concert Party contriving to organise a supply air drop and receiving two cases of Christmas Puddings.

The Goodies (BBC2, 9.10pm)

Over on BBC2 at 9.10pm (following a Party Political Broadcast from The Labour Party), Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie aka The Goodies by Royal Command staged a variety show, invaded the Palace, created a coronation and lost their infamous three-seater bike. Sounds like great fun!

The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2, 11.25pm)

Finally, The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2, 11.25pm) featured performances from Cher and Greg Allman and Bob Sidran. The show was introduced by Bob Harris.

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  1. Those Radio 1 changes came about as a result of Tony Blackburn leaving his mid-morning show, to be replaced by Simon Bates. Two or three weeks later Tony moved to afternoons.
    Loved The Burkiss Way first time round and enjoying the repeats on Radio 4 Extra. You're right the RT billings were great fun.



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