Sunday, 6 November 2011

Those Radio Times: The Enchanting World Of Mary Hopkin (1970)

Artwork promoting Mary Hopkin's 1970 TV Series
From The Radio Times
Today in 1970 singer Mary Hopkin began a brand new television series looking at the six lands of fantasy.

The Enchanting World of Mary Hopkin was a step away from the variety format of the time presented by pop stars such as Cliff Richard, Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw or Lulu. Mary’s series had a more thematic approach looking at the world of films, lend, book, theatre, nursery rhymes and pantomime.

Mary herself was one of the big musical draws during this period having been spotted by Paul McCartney and signed to the Beatles Apple label.

Her release of Those Were The Days scored a number one in 1968 and she followed on with more memorable chart hits including Goodbye, Temma Harbour and Knock Knock Who’s There? (which was a Eurovision Song Contest entry in 1970).
The first show of Mary Hopkin's TV Series
BBC1, November 6, 1970 - Radio Times
The Enchanting World of Mary Hopkin TV series was undoubtedly a natural progression for Mary, already a firm favourite with TV audiences.

Guests featured in The Enchanting World of Mary Hopkin TV series over the six weeks included Julian Orchard, David Kossoff, Arthur English and Charlie Chester.

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  1. I have all six on audio tape only ... I so wish they had survived the stupidity and short sightedness of the BBC ... I have lots of songs from the tv series "In the land of ..."posted on you tube



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