Saturday, 12 November 2011

Welcome To Walmington On Sea 333

Pay attention!

Here's another little part of the web universe dedicated to the wonderful television series Dad's Army created by the talented team of Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

Around 15 years ago Dad's Army didn't have a very large presence on the Internet, in the years that have ensued that has changed. As well as numerous websites including the online tribute there are also forums and podcasts.

In recent years I have had little time to update my regular Dad's Army website, family life, work and other interests having taken a larger priority though my love for this classic TV series has remained and endured.

I have been proud to be involved with several Dad's Army projects including advising on the 2001 BBC documentary Missing Presumed Wiped and assisting with information on the BBC DVD releases.

So, this blog will be designed to compliment The Dad's Army Retrospace site (formerly known as, featuring news on updates, useful links and information for Dad's Army fans old and new.

I will also be posting occasional articles and competitions, so please check back regular!

Fall Out!

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