Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Those Radio Times - 12 Days Of Christmas: Mike Yarwood

Mike Yarwood - Christmas 1978
When Eric and Ernie defected to ITV in 1978 the star attraction of the BBC's Christmas Schedules was surely going to be The Two Ronnies... wrong!

Impressionist Mike Yarwood had been pulling in the audiences for several years on Saturday evenings and had already had several Christmas Specials (the previous years instalment featuring Paul McCartney and Wings) with his impersonations of Frank Spencer and Harold Wilson.

Mike was promoted to be the BBC's ratings puller on Christmas Day 1978 (alongside Michael Crawford's final outing as Frank Spencer in Some Mother's Do 'Ave Em).

Sadly the 80s saw Mike's career and health in decline, but he is still remembered with affection and is possibly one of TV's greatest impressionists.

Let's get him back on the box or at least some repeats of his shows!


  1. I always hugely enjoyed Mike’s show on the BBC. You’re right they’ve hardly ever had a repeat but I guess the problem with impression shows is that they’re of their time – a new audience isn’t really going to appreciate seeing Harold Wilson, Ted Heath and Eddie Waring.

  2. true, though i guess some shows could be compiled from a nostalgia/ historical perspective.



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