Friday, 30 December 2011

Those Radio Times - 12 Days Of Christmas: Larry Grayson's Generation Game

Larry Grayson 
and Isla St Clair - 
Radio Times, 1978
When Bruce Forsyth defected to ITV in 1978 Larry Grayson was named as Brucie's replacement as host on The Generation Game. Larry had previously hosted his own popular comedy series Shut That Door on ITV as well as making a few cameo appearances on Crossroads.

Larry's mild-mannered style was a surefire hit with viewers particularly as sometimes Larry seemed to be having as much fun as the contestants taking part in the show. Larry's hostess on The Generation Game was the lovely Isla St Clair who frequently kept Larry in check.

Here are Larry and Isla pictured in panto guise for the 1978 Radio Times where The Generation Game formed part of Christmas Day's big BBC line-up.

Sadly Larry passed away some years ago but Isla is still in the entertainment business and has her own website as well as recording new albums.

Visit for more on Isla's career.

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