Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Train Journey: Carmarthen To Cardiff

Just getting into the Town - there's the early morning road 
sweep so not the only one at work today!
Unfortunately I had to cut short my Christmas with the family in Carmarthen to come back to work today. I wasn't best pleased as I generally hate been in work between Christmas and New Year but that's how the cookie seems to crumble at the moment.

Just before you get to the railway station the familiar sight
of Towy Works
I've always had a great fondness for Carmarthen and although its changed a bit in recent years there are still parts of it which immediately take me back to the good times of the mid 90s when I was a student there. In fact catching the train was a regular occurrence then especially when travelling back up North or to Swansea or Cardiff for the day. So this trip, despite the season was a bit of a throwback for me.

A view of the nightlights on the river by the Waterfront.
I took a few snaps of familiar places along the way as I'd left my in-laws house just after 7.20am. My train was around 8am but I wanted plenty of time to get there!

Plenty of time for the train, it's 7.42am
and the one before still hasn't left.
Trains due in 10 minutes...yawn!
Carmarthen Station still has the red
phone box I used to phone my mother to tell her
I'd been accepted on my HND Multimedia course
at CCTA back in 1995
The Coracle Buffet -  I've had a few early morning teas here
over the years - not today though - it's closed!
The train arrives...
It's actually cheaper to buy two separate tickets to get back
to Newport from Carmarthen then get off the train at
Cardiff and catch the bus!
I was glad of a nice cup of tea on the long
journey which took over 2 hours
Finally get to Cardiff station just before 10am, however just
missed the bus to Newport so have to wait 40 minutes for the
next one... Happy Christmas!

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