Friday, 20 January 2012

Happy Birthday Graham Stark - 90 Today!

Graham Stark Pictured in the 1961 film
On The Fiddle
Comedian, actor, writer and director Graham Stark celebrates his 90th birthday today.

Graham is perhaps best known for his association with Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther film series but was also made many radio appearances over the years including Ray's A Laugh, Educating Archie and The Goon Show.

Graham'a association with Dad's Army came in 1973 following Jimmy Beck's sudden illness. Graham stepped in for Jimmy in several Dad's Army radio episodes as Private Walker in the latter half of the first radio series.

Unfortunately Jimmy never returned to Dad's Army and died shortly afterwards. The role of Private Walker was later recast on radio with Larry Martyn in the role.


  1. I hadn't realised he was in Dad's Army, if only briefly. Of course he was great mates with Peter Sellers and they not only appeared together in the Pink Panther films but also one of my all-time favourites The Wrong Arm of the Law.

  2. I'm certain I read somewhere he was friendly with Jimmy Beck which is why he stepped in at short notice when Jimmy took ill. Of course Jimmy died and the role of Walker was recast to Larry Martyn from the second radio series onwards. Larry of course sounded more like Jimmy, unlike Graham whose voice is coarser on the radio episodes, however, Graham does lend his voice to the radio adaptation of the missing TV episode "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker", an important episode that explains why Walker wasnt drafted into the proper Army!



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