Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday Superstore: More Pages From Ceefax

BBC Ceefax Guide - Radio Times, March 1987
Tomorrow it will be a year since I introduced the Saturday Superstore section on Retrospace. It's been an interesting year dipping into elements of advertisements from decades past, but I'll be pulling the shutters down on this feature for the moment in order to develop some new features in coming weeks.

Today's final Saturday Superstore post isn't an advert as such, but a guide to the BBC Ceefax service that fellow blogger Andy Walmsley kindly sent me in response to my post on teletext TV.

This feature ties in with when the BBC relaunched the Ceefax service in 1987, I recall frequently checking the TV and radio listings frequently on these pages while the fun and games sections it appeared were sometimes not updated in weeks.

Amongst the regular news, weather and business services there was also a Christian Comment filed under Miscellany and the latest news on the developing world of computers, particularly BBC Micro in the Telesoftware section. Sounded so marvellous back then and its like another universe now.

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