Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Travel Back To A Time Before Audiobooks In The TARDIS

Doctor Who Sound Effects - Vintage Beeb
Doctor Who fans are rather spoilt these days with multitudes of DVD and audiobook releases every month representing all eras of the classic sci-fi series.

Back in the 1970s fans weren't as well served...

Apart from the Doctor Who theme tune on a 7 inch single and an album release of an all original full cast Doctor Who story entitled Doctor Who And The Pescatons there was very little for Doctor Who fans to play on the turntable between series unless of course they recorded the soundtracks of the TV episodes.

In 1978 a new audio release from BBC Records was the unusual Doctor Who Sound Effects. Neither soundtrack or music this wonderfully weird album still succeeded in taking Doctor Who fans to other worlds courtesy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Fans can once again hear this album as its re-released on AudioGO's Vintage Beeb label tomorrow (complete with original sleeve artwork and misleading liner notes about story titles) on compact disc and audio download.

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